Brock Lesnar is reaching that critical stage once again with his contract set to expire in April 2018. This would be after Wrestlemania 34 where he is rumored to face Roman Reigns once again.

Hearing about the “Beast Incarnate’s” future after the WWE spectacle is nothing new. It has happened before with most associating him with a potential return to the UFC. Lesnar retired in 2011 but made a surprise return against Mark Hunt at UFC 200. He still had the moves though much of that was tainted with failed drug tests.

Lesnar re-entering the USADA drug-test pool

With the usual WWE contract expiration in 2018, most have tied up the recent rumor that Lesnar had re-entered the USADA drug –testing pool as a sign of a potential return to the Octagon. While that could be approached in two ways, his deal with the WWE does have a renewal option and can only end if one of the two sides end it.

Hence, the fact that Lesnar is lining up at USADA could be nothing more than a means to clear himself of the controversial failed drug tests tied up to a banned estrogen blocker Clomiphene. But if he does clear his name, it opens future UFC possibilities.

Lesnar has given no hints of a potential return to the Octagon. He is currently the WWE Universal Champion, and it seems his status is running smoothly.

Anything can change moving forward but parting with Vince McMahon at this point looks remote.

UFC could use some help from Lesnar

The UFC is still up and about though ONE Championship is not far behind. The latter group led by Chatri Stiyodong has been slowly making waves though UFC has that Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather bout to give them a boost.

There is no doubt that seeing another rare appearance from Lesnar will give the UFC a big push. Right now, however, that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. And even if it does, it appears the WWE has no qualms about it.

A cross-promotion could happen seeing how the WWE allowed Lesnar go up against Hunt for UFC 200. In fact, the WWE even helped promote that event which obviously benefitted both companies.

Hence, that could happen again meaning focusing solely on the UFC would take out some numbers on Lesnar’s paycheck.

The thing here is that Lesnar is fine with his current status. He has a good working relationship with the WWE and the UFC too. The only thing that could entice the former UFC champion is big money. Right now, he seems to be comfy unless something awry happens moving forward.