UFC Superstar Conor McGregor and Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors engaged in a war of words on social media following a Green outburst. Apparently, Green took offense to McGregor wearing a retro Warriors jersey bearing the NBA superstar’s number. The question, however, is this: how can the two superstars settle their differences?

How the McGregor-Green war of words began

Conor McGregor and Draymond Green are two athletes at the top of their games. While the sports they dominate are as dissimilar as a horse-drawn carriage and a car, both of them really have something in common: they can talk trash and back it up.

A few days ago, McGregor appeared in a picture that shows “The Notorious" UFC champion rocking a retro Golden State Warriors jersey with Green’s number.

Green, for his part, responded by reposting the photo, via Instagram, with a caption “We rocking with Floyd bro not you... take that off bruh.”

Floyd Mayweather, who incidentally is booked to fight Conor McGregor on August 26, 2017, chimed in his support to the Warriors’ All-Star forward. McGregor responded as if he really has no idea who Green is and revealed that the retro jersey belonged to C.J. Watson, a former Golden State Warriors player. McGregor also said that he’s not a basketball fan.

So, if McGregor isn’t a basketball fan, why is he wearing a basketball jersey?

Perhaps the “Notorious” wanted to get inside Mayweather’s head by sublimely bringing up the superstar boxer’s domestic violence history. Mayweather spent some time in prison for allegedly battering Josie Harris, the mother of his three children.

According to Harris, Mayweather entered her home near midnight and was angered when he found messages from C.J.

Watson on her phone. Harris’ son, Koraun Mayweather, reportedly told the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department that he saw the elder Mayweather on top of his mother, kicking and hitting her.

That being said, there is no telling if wearing a C.J.

Watson jersey can rile up Mayweather. Many boxers have tried the same tactics to get under Mayweather’s skin, and all of them came up short to defeat one of the best boxers in history. While Draymond Green may not have known that McGregor’s jersey is actually a replica of Watson’s, what NBA fans know now is that Draymond supports Mayweather in the upcoming mega fight.

However, now that the war of words between McGregor and Green has started, the question is this: how will McGregor and Green settle this? Is this going to be another cross-sports match up? However they want to settle their differences, fans would eagerly await what happens next.

Would people want to see a WWE style tag-team match between Draymond Green and Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor?

Floyd Mayweather is no stranger to the WWE. The undefeated boxer squared off and eventually knocked out Big Show back in Wrestlemania 24. The match was massively entertaining. This proves that cross-sports rivalries are massively entertaining enterprises as evidenced by the attention being shown to the upcoming Mayweather-McGregor boxing fight.

Also, the Mayweather-Big Show WWE fight was not the first time that athletes from other sports have dabbled into wrestling. Hall-of-Fame inductees Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone, following their heated battles during the Chicago Bulls-Utah Jazz championship games, fought in a tag team match in the World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

With Floyd Mayweather siding with Draymond Green, Conor McGregor is left without a dance partner. Maybe McGregor can invite any of the NBA players who have been a victim of Green’s alleged “unnatural motion.” Maybe fans of WWE, Boxing, UFC, and NBA Basketball can get together for one monumental fight that may usher a new trend in the sporting world.

One thing is for sure, if McGregor and Green are as good with their words as they are with their fists, fans would be lining up to watch this. Green, however, will surely be the underdog as McGregor himself said he "dribble heads off the floor. Not a ball. This is no game here kid."

Fans would be eagerly waiting for Green's riposte. And if it proves to be as hot as his play, then fans can rest assured that some consideration would at least be put into this. After all, Green is as much of showman as Mayweather is. If a fight does not happen, this war of words between Green and McGregor would at least be entertaining.