Prior to their highly-anticipated match between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather next month, McGregor was spotted by fans wearing a No. 23 Warriors jersey. This apparently didn't sit well with the current No. 23 Golden State Warriors player Draymond Green. After having seen the photos of the MMA fighter wearing the jersey, Green immediately went on to social media to express his disgust over McGregor apparel choice, but he apparently missed the entire point of why the MMA champ was wearing the jersey in the first place.

Social media roasting

Over the weekend, Green posted the photo of McGregor wearing the No.

23 jersey and mentioned that he should just take it off as they are all rooting for Mayweather and not him. What Green hadn't realized was that McGregor wasn't actually wearing the numbered jersey to represent Green but instead was wearing it to represent former Warriors player C.J. Watson.

McGregor immediately responded to Green's post and mentioned that he doesn't even know who Green is and that he doesn't really care about basketball. The Irish mixed martial arts fighter also placed some rather subtle insults and told Green to "keep hustling" and to "stay in school." Green then posted a rather weak response to McGregor's reply and proceeded to drop his credentials as a last resort to defend himself for not getting the reference and completely missing the point of why McGregor had chosen to wear the jersey.

Mind games

For those who aren't familiar with C.J. Watson, the former Warriors player was previously linked with the mother of Mayweather's three children, Josie Harris.

When Mayweather discovered the alleged relationship between Harris and Watson, he then confronted her about it. The situation then became violent, which resulted in the boxer beating up Harris in front of their children.

The entire incident eventually led to his arrest and incarceration for 90 days in 2010. He was slapped with domestic violence charges.

Following his arrest, Mayweather continued to threaten both Harris and Watson and even vowed to "make them disappear." McGregor likely planned the entire thing with the jersey to get into Mayweather's nerves and to psych him out before their upcoming match.

Fight Schedule

McGregor's stunt will undoubtedly have a psychological effect on Mayweather's mental state and it looks like McGregor is willing to do anything to get into his opponent's head prior to their bout. The upcoming matchup, called "The Money Fight," is set to take place at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada on August 26.