The 2017 offseason has been tough so far for the Cleveland Cavaliers fans. After seeing their team lose to the Golden State Warriors in last season's NBA Finals, Cleveland fans were hoping the Cavaliers would make major moves this summer. Unfortunately for them, that hasn't happened yet. The Cavs failed to land a big time player that would increase their chances of wining the title next season, and things are not looking good for them right now. They managed to sign veteran point-guard Jose Calderon to a one-year deal, and they also acquired free-agent Jeff Green this offseason.

But surely, these signings do not narrow the gap between the Cavs and the Warriors, and the fans know it. To make things worse, it seems like LeBron James might leave the team next summer as a free-agent, and not only that. Kyrie Irving might be on his way out too.

Irving requested to be traded

Earlier this week there were reports about Kyrie Irving's trade request. Apparently he talked to the Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, and told him that he wants to be traded and moved out of Cleveland this summer. The news came as a shock to everybody in the NBA, and even LeBron James was reportedly "blindsided and disappointed" to hear this. According to ESPN, Irving said that he no longer wants to play alongside LeBron James, as he wants to be the focal point on his potential new team.

The Cavaliers front office is now in a tough spot, as they are looking to find the best possible deal for their All-Star point guard. Irving reportedly said to Dan Gilbert that if he gets traded, his preferred destinations would be the San Antonio Spurs, the Knicks, the Timberwolves or the Miami Heat.

Jordan Shultz of Yahoo! Sports reported on Saturday that Kyrie might end up in New York after all, as the Cavaliers are discussing a potential deal with the Knicks and the Phoenix Suns.

Kyrie teaming up with Porzingis?

According to Shultz, the Cavaliers would get Carmelo Anthony and Eric Bledsoe while they would have to send Kyrie Irving to the Knicks and Kevin Love to the Phoenix Suns.

Several other reports around the league indicate that this deal might be the best for the Cavaliers at this moment, and it looks like there's a strong possibility that Irving ends up with the Knicks. He would get to play alongside another young star Kristaps Porzingis, and the two of them would definitely be a fun duo to watch in the NBA. Cleveland on the other hand would finally get the opportunity to pair LeBron James with Carmelo Anthony, and they would still be the prohibitive favorites to win the Eastern Conference next season.