One thing that the Marvel Cinematic Universe does very well is keeping continuity in order. Each movie ties into the others and they usually are very clear about where they fall in line compared to the others. While "Spider-Man: Homecoming" showed how "Captain America: Civil War" affected Peter Parker - and there were even fun videos made by Parker of the fight from his POV, that movie really was just about how a high school kid dealt with the world after a life changing event.

The next movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is "Thor: Ragnarok" and then 2018 starts off with the release of "Black Panther," starring Chadwick Boseman.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly about the upcoming film, Boseman said that this film is an actual continuation of "Captain America: Civil War."

Black Panther movie

While "Spider-Man: Homecoming" showed how a kid dealt with the aftereffects of that huge battle between heroes, "Black Panther" seems more in line with moving that story forward rather than just using it as a catalyst. For one thing, the "Black Panther" trailers have shown that a number of people who appeared in "Captain America: Civil War" will also appear in this new movie.

Boseman said that the new film takes place just shortly after the events of "Civil War." Remember, in that movie, Panther's dad was killed and he believed it was at the hands of The Winter Soldier.

While he originally teamed with Iron Man in the battle, he soon agreed to help Captain America when it came to hiding and sheltering Winter Soldier until they could find a way to deactivate the mind control Hydra has over him.

Boseman said that there is a guilt that T’Challa feels about taking over the throne for his father.

There is unrest in Wakanda and his guilt is part of the reason. Boseman then compared it to the United States right now because there is an unrest at the head of the government and everyone is taking sides.

What do we know about 'Black Panther'?

"Black Panther" comes out on Feb. 16, 2018, and stars Chadwick Boseman as the title character.

The director is Ryan Coogler, who previously helmed the Oscar contender "Fruitvale Station" and the crowd pleaser "Creed." From both Boseman's recent interview and previous statements by Kevin Feige, the movie will be a political thriller, putting it more in line with recent Captain America movies than other Marvel Cinematic Universe releases. Here is a look at the "Black Panther" trailer.