Fans of Guillermo Del Toro had been waiting anxiously to see if the third movie in his "Hellboy" series would ever materialize. Both Del Toro and actor Ron Perlman said that they had a plan for the final movie of the trilogy and just needed the studio to greenlight the picture. However, it never happened and Guillermo finally stepped away from the franchise.

Now, a new "Hellboy" movie is coming and it will reboot the franchise. While that may be disappointing to fans of the first two movies, new director Neil Marshall is amazing and should work wonders with the material.

Even more interesting is that Nerdist spoke with "Hellboy" creator Mike Mignola and he revealed that this movie was originally supposed to continue Guillermo's work.

The original "Hellboy" idea

According to Mike Mignola, they wanted to continue the work that Guillermo Del Toro started with his two "Hellboy" movies. However, Mignola disputes the claims that Guillermo and Perlman wanted to finish this and said that Guillermo was clear that he did not want to have anything to do with it when screenwriters began working on a story. Furthermore, Perlman said he wouldn't do it without Del Toro.

With Guillermo Del Toro out of the picture, Mignola said that their next plan of action was to try to make a "Hellboy" movie that would tie into the original two films in some way.

That all changed when they signed Neil Marshall to direct the film. Marshall, who had directed the amazing horror movies "Dog Soldiers" and "The Descent" as well as episodes of "Game of Thrones," was too good to just try to mimic someone else's work.

"A del Toro movie is a del Toro movie," Mignola said "You don’t want to try and hand a del Toro movie to someone else.

Especially someone as great as Neil Marshall."

The new "Hellboy" movie

With that said, Mike Mignola said that the next "Hellboy" movie will be a reboot and it will be a Neil Marshall movie that stands on its own. They have signed David Harbour ("Stranger Things") to replace Ron Perlman as the title character and they are moving the film in a new direction.

Mignola also said that David Harbour is very excited about making this movie and wants to make sure that he does it justice. He said that Harbour is always texting him questions about Hellboy and the history and what the character might do or think in certain situations. This will also be an R-rated reboot and the good news for fans of the original films is that Guillermo Del Toro has given it his blessing.