We spoke with William Weinbach, the founder of Instagram channel Cross Court Tv, which has around 122,000 followers. William is a young tennis player who has a great philanthropic side, as he participated in the organization of the Autism Rocks concert in Los Angeles, California about a month ago.

An interview

BN: Hi, Will. It's nice to speak with you again. How are you?

WW: Hey, I'm great. I'm really satisfied with our last interview, so I'm glad to do this again.

BN: That's great! Let's start with the "Autism Rocks" concert. Tell me about the event, what was the experience like?

WW: It was an unreal event! One of my friends Alex Lin was diagnosed with Autism when he was younger. He was always bullied, and last year he approached me and asked me to help him with this concert that he was creating. It was an amazing cause and I was beyond thrilled to have joined the team. We were able to lock down some top singers who had been finalists on "American Idol," and a top YouTube star, Travis Atreo! It was an unreal experience hosting this benefit concert at Universal City Walk and I am super pumped to announce I will be back next year hosting the 3rd annual Autism Rocks Concert!

BN: Wow. I am really impressed with your altruism and great humanity. That's pretty commendable for a 16-year-old.

So, tell me about the audience. How many people attended?

WW: It was an amazing turnout! Universal City Walk is a public venue, so everyone visiting Universal Studios Hollywood that night was exposed to this great event.

BN: Are you satisfied with the event overall?

WW: Yes, I am extremely satisfied.

IRM Media activity

BN: What about your next venture?

WW: My next venture is a company called IRM Media which I created with one of my partners Ethan Lindgren. I am super excited about this, because I will be accelerating in my craft and I will be connecting influencers with brands, as well as managing influencers! I'm very excited to be working with Ethan and even more excited to see what is to come from IRM Media.

BN: Can you tell us something more about IRM Media?

WW: What would you like to know?

BN: What IRM stands for, what are your ambitions and thoughts on it?

WW: Of course! IRM stands for Influencer Relations Media. I would say our ambitions and thoughts with it will be to grow a business that manages influencer relationships with brands, and ultimately help my partner and I decide what we want to do later on in life considering we are teenagers.

BN: Great. I wish you luck on that project and hope that we'll speak again soon. Best regards, Will.

WW: Of course! Thank you!