William Weinbach is not really a famous name in tennis, but every tennis fan should know about this youngster. He started up a tennis channel on Instagram - "Cross Court Tv," that has around 112 000 followers, he plays the USTA tournaments and he has met some top tennis players, including Rafael Nadal, Stanislas Wawrinka, and Marin Cilic. His passion for tennis is huge and he could easily become a professional tennis player in near future. Ladies and gentlemen, meet William Weinbach.

An introduction

BN: - Hi, Will, can you introduce yourself to our readers?

WW: - Yeah! I'm Will Weinbach, I am 16 years old, I live in California, and I play a lot of tennis. I also started up a channel called "Cross Court TV" where I share my passion for tennis with the rest of the world!

BN: - Well, I can see that "Cross Court TV" is pretty popular on Instagram and you have many followers. Can you tell me more about your tennis activity? You are in high school, right?

WW: - Yes, I am a sophomore at Oaks Christian High School. I play tennis around five to six days a week with Team G tennis, and my goal is to get better each day and see where that leads me. Currently, I also play USTA tournaments as well to test my skills.

BN: - And how is that going? Have you played against some big prospects at the USTA?

WW: - It's going pretty well so far, I am slowly moving up in the rankings which is satisfying. I haven't personally played against any of the huge players. I have played against Andrew Whitehouse and Brandon Lamb who are top 50 in the nation, but that's about it - although I do hit with a lot of the top players and ATP pros.

Interview with famous players

BN: - Yes, that is an interesting part of your life. I noticed that you did an interview with Marin Cilic. Can you tell me more about that conversation?

WW: - It was amazing! I was able to meet him and interview him through Fila, and he is one of the nicest players out there! I asked him about what his favorite tournament was in tennis (US Open was his answer), the advice he would give to someone like me wanting to be a pro player (make it fun, work hard, and never give up was his answer) and just a little more about himself!

It was extraordinary meeting him! It was amazing!

BN: - That has surely been a great experience. Have you met any other players?

WW: - Yes! I have met Grigor Dimitrov, Maria Sharapova, Jack Sock, Taylor Fritz, Sam Querrey, Madison Keys, Gael Monfils, Juan Martin Del Potro and I had a brief conversation with Rafael Nadal and Stan Wawrinka.

BN: - Wow, that's pretty impressive for a 16 year old! Please share with us that conversations with Rafa and Stan. I want every single word!

WW: - With Rafa, I just briefly spoke to him about being a pro tennis player, and with Stan I asked him his advice for me to become a pro tennis player. They were both very gracious and it was amazing. Stan told me to have fun and never give up and Rafa said it was like a dream come true.

William's favorite tennis player

BN: - Well, all I can say is that I envy you. Stan is my favorite player. Who is yours?

WW: - My favorite player is probably either Federer or Monfils.

BN: - Well, can you pick one?

WW: - Federer.

BN: - Good answer.

Plans for the future

BN: - So, let's talk about your future. What are your plans for the next few years? Are you thinking about playing some Futures soon?

WW: - Good question. My plans for the future are to keep grinding in tennis and trying my absolute best every single day, and then see if that will land me a D1 tennis spot, from there the rest is still undecided. And yes! Definitely I'm thinking about playing Futures as soon as possible

BN: - Well, I hope that you will be fighting for some ATP points soon.

WW: - Me too! Thanks. I really do appreciate your support.

BN: - OK, thank you for your time and I hope that we will do this again, once you reach your "pro level" game. Just keep playing!

WW: - Yeah for sure. Thank you!