The Minnesota Timberwolves announced yesterday that they will be the latest NBA team to wear a sponsorship logo on their jerseys. This was followed up by the Orlando Magic announcing that they would be doing the same. This make the Timberwolves and the Magic the seventh and eighth teams to say that they will be sporting logos. Prior to the last two days, the last team to announce such a move was the Cleveland Cavaliers last month.

Whose logo with the Timberwolves be wearing?

The Minnesota Timberwolves announced that they have come to an agreement with wearable fitness tracker Fitbit to have their logo on the team's jersey starting in the 2017-18 season.

It is currently unknown what the financial terms of the deal are, but it is for three-years, which is the length of the NBA's trial period for logos. This is just another new step in the rebranding of the team, as their new uniforms will be unveiled later this summer.

In addition to having their logo on the Timberwolves jerseys, Fitbit will also be announced as the "sleep tracker" and the "official wearable" of the Timberwolves. This sponsorship, minus the logos, will also apply to the team's Gatorade League affiliate, the Iowa Wolves, and the team's WNBA counterpart, the Minnesota Lynx. Glen Taylor, who owns the Timberwolves, also owns the Lynx. The last part of the deal is that every Timberwolves employee will be provided with Fitbit devices.

The Magic are staying local with their logo

Today, the Orlando Magic followed up the Minnesota Timberwolves logo announcement with one of their own. The Magic are staying local with their logo partner, having come to an agreement with Disney to have their logo on team jerseys next season. In the announcement, Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins expressed how exciting it was for two of Orlando's most synonymous organizations to be coming together.

Financial terms of this deal have also not been disclosed, but all previous team logo deals have been worth at least $4 million per year.

Just like the Minnesota Timberwolves, the Orlando Magic's deal with Disney will also extend beyond the two-and-a-half by two-and-a-half inch patch on their jerseys. The team will now offer a new special seating and hospitality area for fans who can afford it. They will also be selling annual passes to Walt Disney World for the first time, as well as selling team jerseys with the Disney logo on them officially.