On the latest episode of WWE "SmackDown Live," General Manager Daniel Bryan made his return and quickly got down to business. As Bryan found himself on the receiving end of various complaints from superstars, one matter that received serious attention was the women's "MITB" ladder match results. Bryan would make a huge announcement with regards to the way that match turned out. In addition, the WWE "SmackDown" Women's Champion Naomi proved once again that she is a fighting champion for the division.

Women's Championship

Early on during the "SmackDown Live" episode on Tuesday, June 20th, the women's champion Naomi was backstage for an interview.

She talked about being prepared for whenever "Ms. Money In The Bank" Carmella and that sneaky James Ellsworth might try to steal her title away. However, she was soon interrupted.

"The Ravishing Russian" Lana interrupted Naomi's interview and told her she got lucky this past Sunday. The champ laughed at her, but Lana let her know that if not for Carmella and Ellsworth, she would have defeated her. The duo came out during the tail end of the women's title match and distracted Lana, which ultimately led to Naomi being able to put her into a submission hold.

With that, Lana laid down a challenge for a rematch for the women's title.

Naomi told her she was "thirsty," but then said she's a fighting champion. Naomi told her the match was on for next Tuesday's episode of "SmackDown." Can Lana find a way to win in her second attempt at the "SmackDown" Women's Championship or will she "Feel the Glow" from Naomi again?

Women's ladder match

"SmackDown Live" General Manager Daniel Bryan arrived out to the ring to discuss the women's ladder match from Sunday.

He called out each of the women who competed in the match. Charlotte Flair, Tamina, Becky Lynch, Natalya, and Carmella (with James Ellsworth) all came to the ring.

Bryan talked about how the rule book doesn't say there's any rule about someone else grabbing the briefcase because it says the first woman to get her hands on the briefcase wins.

In that case, Carmella was the winner. However, Bryan said he wasn't going to let the match be decided by James Ellsworth. An outraged Ellsworth tried to interrupt Bryan and even made remarks about Bryan's new child. That upset the GM who told Ellsworth to shut or he'd punch him in the face and fire him.

Bryan announced that they would have another women's ladder match on next week's episode of "SmackDown Live" to determine who the "Money in the Bank" briefcase winner is. He said Natalya, Carmella, Becky, Tamina, and Charlotte will all compete in the match.

After the announcement, Bryan took the briefcase away from Ellsworth. A brawl broke out in the ring with Becky and Charlotte eventually getting their hands on Carmella. Becky put on the DisarmHer to make Carmella tap the mat.

WWE fans, who will win the women's title match and MITB ladder rematch on next week's "SmackDown" show?