The Cleveland Cavaliers, after a devastating loss against the Golden State Warriors during the 2017 NBA Finals, is now working on their roster and would like to acquire Chicago Bulls’ All-Star player Jimmy Butler. They are reportedly working with different teams and are willing to make deals in order to get their dream player.

Cavs want Jimmy Butler, Paul George

Cleveland Cavaliers are reportedly talking to Chicago Bulls to come up with a multi-team trade to acquire the latter team’s All-Star player. Aside from Butler, they are also working to acquire Indiana Pacers’, Paul George.

To acquire Butler, the Cleveland Cavaliers are willing to give up Kevin Love. With Love’s name up in the air, the Cleveland Cavaliers believe that another team will join their planned multi-team trade, as they want a number of young players. The Phoenix Suns are speculated to be the third team to join the Chicago Bulls and the Cleveland Cavaliers in this projected deal, as they could either give up point guard Eric Bledsoe or their No. 4 pick in Thursday's draft.

According to one league source, the Cleveland Cavaliers were already offered George in exchange for Love. Another unidentified team is involved in this other possible multi-team trade.

Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Philadelphia 76ers also interested in Jimmy Butler

Other NBA trade rumors claimed that the Boston Celtics are also interested in acquiring Butler. They could acquire him as they have first-round picks for the next three drafts. However, that changed after they swapped with Philadelphia 76ers on Monday.

It is unclear if they are still interested in pursuing Butler. Los Angeles Lakers were also rumored to be looking into acquiring Butler.

If Jimmy Butler stays with Bulls, he will get contract extension

If none of the trade scenarios work out, Butler will stay with the Chicago Bulls and he will be eligible for the super max contract extension.

Bulls insiders claimed that the officials of the NBA team might give up Butler due to the high price tag.

Rumors also surfaced recently claiming that the Bulls and Butler do not have a great relationship. This could push him to consider signing up for Cleveland Cavaliers this upcoming NBA season. Many are speculating that the way the Bulls handle Butler could make the player think twice of sticking it out with them.

Butler played exceptionally well during the last NBA season. He averaged 23.9 points, 5.5 assists and 6.2 rebounds in a game. He also shoots nine free throws per game and is great in spotting up, cutting the hoop and posting up. He plays both as a shooting guard and a small forward.