In a few days, the WWE women's division will make history with a first-ever "Money in the Bank" Ladder Match. Some new WWE rumors ahead of Sunday's "Money in the Bank" PPV are now suggesting that a surprise competitor could partake in the women's ladder match. That seems to open up a batch of possibilities as far as who it might be when Sunday's historic match takes place. Here's the latest on the WWE rumors for the women's "MITB" match at the pay-per-view.

Women's MITB competitors

The "Money in the Bank" PPV takes place this Sunday in St. Louis, where history will be made.

There has never been an "MITB" ladder match involving women in a pay-per-view or on TV so far in the history of the WWE. This is huge for the women's division, and fans are hoping to see something decent from the talented women's stars.

The winner of this match is the first woman to retrieve the special "MITB" briefcase hanging above the ring. Inside is a guaranteed contract for a women's title shot any time, any place that the briefcase winner chooses. It could happen as soon as Sunday evening, on "SmackDown Live," or even at a future pay-per-view.

Currently, there are five known competitors for this women's ladder match. That's one less than the men's match has, although Sportskeeda reported about an interesting tweet that was just sent out on Friday.

The tweet came from the official WWE Twitter and indicates "Six men will battle. Six women will collide."

Could this have been a Twitter typo or a slip of a possible surprise? The latter would make this historic match that much more impactful, depending on who enters. A few possibilities have already popped up as far as which women's superstar could be the sixth entrant.

Who could the sixth entrant be?

If this latest rumor turns out to be anything, that means it could be a returning women's superstar, or potentially someone new making their debut on the main roster. In terms of returning stars, a few that come to mind include Nikki Bella and Summer Rae. Bella would probably get more of a pop than Summer if she entered the match, but there are a few other names that could draw some attention.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett has been rumored to be joining "SmackDown Live," along with her husband ,"The Miracle" Mike Bennett. These two could make their official debut on Sunday with Maria joining the big match and then shocking everyone with a briefcase win out of nowhere.

Someone else to consider is already a champion in her own right: Asuka. She currently holds the NXT Women's Championship. She might even get a bigger pop for an entrance to the match than Nikki Bella depending on the crowd this Sunday. However, fans have seen recently that WWE has saved most of their big NXT star debuts for television rather than during WWE Network events.

WWE fans, if there is going to be a sixth woman added to the "MITB" ladder match, who should it be?