Most of John Cena's fans have been waiting for his return to WWE, and now that he is coming back soon his first opponent may have been revealed. It turns out that the WWE superstar is all set to take on Rusev at "SmackDown." Making his way to the ring on July 4th, Cena will no longer be exclusive to "SmackDown Live." With that said, Cena will now be a free agent.

The last time he appeared at WWE for "WrestleMania 33," he took on The Miz & Maryse along with his teammate Nikki Bella. "WrestleMania 33" has been long gone and especially gone for all John Cena fans.

It is a known fact that Cena and Rusev were rivals, but both have not met each other for a long time. Rusev has been missing in action ever since March, and he also never turned up for "WrestleMania."

Cena - Rusev feud might continue

Rusev has made an appearance on some live events, but he has been holding back and returned to the ring in June. As far as WWE goes, when every wrestler makes a comeback, they are sure to pick up a fight with someone. According to Sportskeeda, John Cena is ready to provoke his feud with Rusev. The rumors are believed to be true because both stars are about to appear at the same time in July. In that case, there could probably be a clash at SmackDown.

WWE might have other things in store for him upon his return, but there are no other wrestlers who seem to be ready to take on Cena at SmackDown at this moment.

It makes sense for the Cena - Rusev feud to trigger at WWE. Plus, this is a comeback for both the superstars.

Roman Reigns Vs John Cena

Roman Reigns and John Cena share history in the ring. It is also believed that Reigns will continue to pursue a fight with Cena, but not anytime soon. There are rumors that they might fight each other at "SummerSlam" this year.

Roman Reigns is also expected to fight Brock Lesnar at "WrestleMania 34," but before, he would need to defeat Braun Strowman at the Great Balls of Fire event.

Cena is sure to have some fights in the ring upon his return as some assume that Jinder Mahal will be the other rival. As for the Bulgarian wrestler Rusev, he has come a long way to the U.S.

to pursue his dreams. Rusev will not give up easily on his dream, and if he manages to defeat John Cena, it will stay on his WWE record for a long time.

There are chances for things to change before Cena's arrival. But, for now, these rumors seem to be the talk of WWE. With just a couple of days left, John Cena is sure to make his appearance in the ring and put up a good show with his rivals.