Fresh from winning the NBA regular-season MVP, Russell Westbrook now has the option to earn more money in Oklahoma by signing the designated veteran player’s extension or play for a big market franchise on the verge of another upswing. Westbrook’s contract extension is going to be a major storyline throughout the free agency season as any development could change the league’s landscape for the next 4 or 5 years.

Westbrook’s extension talk:

By virtue of winning the MVP, Westbrook is eligible to get an additional $75 million in his next contract with the Thunder.

According to league sources, the Thunder are already preparing to offer the first man to average a triple double since Oscar Robertson a five-year contract worth around $200 million. Westbrook initially fended off questions about his intention to sign that massive deal, but the player’s close confidants are already dropping hints that he will stay.

“Those close to Westbrook fully expect him to take the Thunder's offer, quite possibly at 12:01 a.m., and stabilize the franchise and present a clear road map. Westbrook signed an extension last summer and invoked the word "loyalty" for a reason,” according to ESPN NBA insider Royce Young.

Potential Game-changer:

The odds of Westbrook staying put in Oklahoma are very high right now.

However, there’s no guarantee in the NBA. Players’ mindsets and preferences, especially those of star players, can change in an instant. In Westbrook’s case, a potential game-changer is the creation of another Super Team in the NBA.

After his former buddy Kevin Durant bagged his first NBA championship with a Super Team in Bay Area, the Houston Rockets appear to be attempting to do same.

On Wednesday, the Rockets acquired Chris Paul in a trade with the Los Angeles Clippers, giving them one of the best backcourts in the NBA. Sources close to situation are also reporting Daryl Morey plans to add a third banana to his equation. The Rockets are gunning for a third star this free-agency, and they are trying their hardest to land Paul George via another trade or add Blake Griffin or Paul Millsap in sign-and-trade coup.

If this happens, the Thunder will look more inferior to other elites in the Western Conference. Westbrook, who is now seeking to win a title ring and NBA Finals MVP, could be compelled to consider other options other than the Thunder. In short, the ball is in Sam Presti’s court to make the roster appealing for his star. With the Thunder’s payroll over the cap, adding another star alongside Westbrook would be a daunting task but not impossible.

Lakers’ homecoming

Paul George is not the only NBA superstar that has legit intention to return home in Los Angeles and win. Westbrook also has homecoming tendencies. The Lakers have officially entered a new era. With Magic Johnson now running the show in the front-office, the Lakers are back as destinations for stars.

Should George join the team, many NBA insiders expect the Lakers to be in position to sign LeBron James or perhaps Westbrook. After all, the purple-and-gold will have all the cap space ($60M) and personnel to woe any star – Westbrook included.