If WWE news and rumors involving seth rollins prove to be true, then wrestling fans could see another former member of The Shield taking on "The Deadman" in the ring. The latest reports have indicated that if The Undertaker returns, he is certainly on Rollins' dream match list. While the two WWE superstars have been in the ring together before, it was never a singles bout. However, the notion of this one-on-one situation happening in the future may have slim chances. Here's the latest on the news and rumors involving Seth Rollins vs. Undertaker possibilities.

Rollins wants Taker at 'Mania'

As Sportskeeda reported, Seth Rollins did an interview for Bandwagon.Asia to help the WWE promote their upcoming Singapore live events. During that talk, Rollins brought up what it was like being in the ring with Undertaker, and then went on to say that he would like to face Taker if he ever returns, in a big "WrestleMania" match. However, that big match may have already been given to his former Shield tag team partner.

As major WWE fans know, The Undertaker was considered retired as of the conclusion of "WrestleMania 33" in early April. Taker lost the main event match to Roman Reigns, giving him his second career loss on the "grandest stage of them all." He finished up by removing his trademark jacket, gloves, and Undertaker hat, before leaving the ring, kissing his wife, and sinking into the stage.

That major "WrestleMania" moment, combined with Taker recently getting the hip surgery he's needed for a while, has some fans believing he's decided to no longer participate in professional wrestling. However, there are those who still love the possibility of seeing Taker make a surprising return.

Taker & Rollins met before

There was at least one previous match in the history of WWE which involved Seth Rollins and The Undertaker in the same ring.

It also involved Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns of The Shield, as well as Kane and Daniel Bryan. The six competitors battled in a six-man tag team match in London, England, back when "The Shield" were still united as a team.

Rollins spoke of that experience to Bandwagon.Asia and mentioned how it was a "tremendous experience" to share the ring with him.

He also praised Taker's ability to work in the ring despite their age differences. Rollins went on to ask and answer the popular question, "Is The Undertaker retired? I don't know."

With all that said, Taker showed some signs of his age with wear, tear, and diminished abilities in the ring at "WrestleMania 33." While fans might love to have him back for "one more match," as well as Rollins and the WWE, it may not be in the best interest of the real-life Mark Callaway's health to make that sort of return.

WWE fans, do you believe The Undertaker will ever wrestle in another match? Would Undertaker vs. Seth Rollins be one to see, or would you prefer a different star?