There has been a lot of WWE news over the last few months about the JBL bullying allegations. These mostly started when Mauro Ranallo left the company. While Mauro never once said that JBL was bullying him behind-the-scenes, most fans read into his departure and took sides. A short time later, former WWE announcer Justin Roberts released his book, "Best Seat in the House" and there was a story in there that described JBL bullying in the past, which added more details to the allegations.

JBL bullying allegations

For those who are just catching up, JBL has been accused of bullying backstage by numerous people including former wrestlers, announcers, and those close to people who have worked in the WWE.

According to reports, JBL has been overly critical of Mauro Ranallo acknowledging praise from outside the WWE and a close friend of Ranallo in former UFC Champion Bas Rutten has challenged JBL to meet him personally after Ranallo left the company.

Former WWE superstar and current Lucha Underground Champion John Morrison said that he was a bully back when he and The Miz were first getting their start. However, Morrison said that JBL rarely did his own dirty work and actually asked younger wrestlers to pull pranks for him on other people. While the practical jokes and ribbing are not a problem in and of themselves, JBL was accused of going over the line.

In his book, Justin Roberts said that JBL had his passport stolen while on a trip to the U.K.

and never returned it. Roberts had to go to get the passport reissued before he could return home. Some call that a practical joke but it is also illegal. JBL said he wasn't responsible and anyone could have done it because everyone hated Roberts. However, Morrison said that JBL was the one asking people to do it and he and The Miz refused.

What changed JBL?

Interestingly, Justin Roberts said JBL is not as bad now as he was yeas ago. In an appearance on "Ring Rust Radio," Roberts said that JBL used to always push people around and bully them backstage. However, that all stopped when JBL tried to push around former WWE announcer Joey Styles backstage.

Robert said that JBL was pushing Styles buttons and it finally reached the breaking point.

Joey Styles stood up to JBL and actually punched him in the face. Roberts said, after that happened, JBL disappeared from the WWE for a little while and was different when he returned. Booker T said that no one in the WWE can be bullied if they stand up for themselves and Joey Styles proved it was the case.