It looks like Mauro Ranallo is finished with the WWE and the current rumors indicate that it is because of JBL and bullying. Ranallo missed the WWE "SmackDown Live" taping a month ago in what was said was due to bad weather. The next week, the WWE announced he was missing again because of illness. Now, it looks like Mauro is completely finished with the WWE and a lot of fans are blaming JBL for the move.

JBL and the Mauro Ranallo bullying allegations

When Mauro Ranallo missed the "SmackDown Live" television tapings, JBL made some comments on air about no one else missing the tapings and questioned Mauro's dedication.

JBL has also made some harsh comments on his WWE Network talk show “Bring it to the Table.” Ranallo had won an award for his commentating from a professional wrestling website and he mentioned it, causing JBL to lash out and say that he should never acknowledge winning awards from anyone but the WWE. Since then, one of Mauro's closest friends, former UFC Champion Bas Rutten, came out and made some interesting comments on Twitter, alleging that JBL was bullying Ranallo and then making a challenge himself to see if JBL had anything to say to him. One thing fans have to keep in mind is that Ranallo suffers from depression and bipolar disorder, so the acts of a bully have a stronger effect on him that other people.

However, JBL then responded by passive aggressively attacking Internet wrestling fans by saying that he should never comment on Internet fans thoughts but he is just playing a heel and wishes Mauro nothing but the best.

What is next for Mauro Ranallo?

That last statement was then followed with a tweet by Mauro Ranallo. After deleting everything about the WWE from his social media, he then tweeted a Buddha quote, saying "Three things cannot be hidden: The sun, the moon, and the truth." There is no telling what he was talking about there, but it seems interesting to see that comment come after the JBL tweet about not doing anything wrong.

After that, Mauro started talking about his future and mentioned that he hopes to start calling MMA fights again soon. The WWE responded by simply saying that Ranallo is under contract to them until August, which makes it sound like they won't be letting him do anything outside of the company anytime soon. The big worry here is that the WWE is often very strict with talents who want to leave and if Ranallo does not return before August, they can force a renewal of his contract and not let him out of it.