The question doesn’t seem to be whether or not Daniel Bryan will ever wrestle again but instead when he will wrestle again. The WWE has made it clear that they won’t let Bryan compete in the ring again for them due to his history of concussions. However, professional wrestling insider Dave Meltzer said that it may not be a 100-percent chance that Daniel is coming back to the ring but it is close.

Bryan’s WWE contract ends in 2018 and he is working as an on-screen character so they WWE can’t roll it over to hold him hostage to the company like they did Rey Mysterio Jr.

To add even more fuel to the fire, Daniel Bryan congratulated Cody Rhodes for winning the Ring of Honor world title, talked about what it means for his career, and said that he might challenge him for it next year.

Chances of Daniel Bryan returning to the ring

Daniel Bryan said in a recent interview that he is working out and preparing for a return to the wrestling ring. He said that he is still not cleared to wrestle in the WWE but he has started getting additional tests done to determine the risks if he does return. The original problems started after Bryan won the WWE world title by beating Triple H and Batista in the same night at WrestleMania.

After one title defense against Kane, Daniel Bryan had to relinquish the world title due to a neck injury that caused him to lose almost all the strength in one arm.

One year later, Bryan was back and won the Intercontinental Championship in a ladder match at WrestleMania. He had to give up that title as well due to concussion issues and then a little while later Vince McMahon forced him to announce his retirement from professional wrestling on Monday Night Raw.

Daniel Bryan’s refusal to accept retirement

Through this all, Daniel Bryan has refused to accept the fact that he retired. He has said all along that his doctors have said that he is fine to return to wrestling despite the past concussions. He said that it was the WWE doctors that refuse to clear him but that he still feels he can compete.

When he and Brie Bella were expecting their first child, Bryan relented and admitted that his health and future for his family was more important but started getting the itch again before the baby was born.

In an episode of SmackDown Live, Daniel Bryan answered the criticism that he can’t wrestle anymore in an interesting way. He said it wasn’t that he can’t wrestle, it is that “they” won’t let him wrestle. Bryan also said the answer to that could come next year. The recent comment that he will face Cody Rhodes if he still holds the title next October seems to make it really seem like he is considering his comeback to the wrestling ring when his WWE contract expires.