Vinne McMahon has run the WWE for over 30 years now and the opinion of him varies depending on who you talk to. Most of the people who complain about McMahon are older wrestlers who were in the WWE when his father ran the company. Bruno Sammartino was one many who was the biggest star in the WWE and never got along with Vince until many years later when Triple H helped mend fences between the two men. Another WWE Hall of Fame star just did a podcast interview with The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling and Ivan Putski said that he never liked McMahon and retired from professional wrestling due to those feelings.

Why Ivan Putski doesn't like Vince McMahon

Ivan Putski said that he never liked Vince McMahon because of his personality. To explain what he meant, Putski said that he always respected and liked Vince Sr. He said that Sr. was the kind of person who would come up to you if you did something wrong and would sit down and talk to you about it.

According to Putski, Vince Sr. was a good man and most wrestlers got along with him well. However, in comparison, Vince McMahon was different than his father. Ivan said that he never got along with Vince and McMahon didn't like him either so it made them "even."

Ivan Putski in the WWE

Ivan Putski did say that he was happy to be in the WWE when things started to change.

He admitted that he and Bruno Sammartino used to talk about how things were changing - and not always for the better. After Sammartino retired from the WWE, Ivan said he spoke to Bruno and said that he would probably retire soon as well and that is how he left the WWE. Despite that, he said he feels fortunate to have been there for the big change.

Putski's favorite moments

Ivan Putski also talked about his favorite moments while working in the WWE. When it comes to his favorite wrestlers to fight, Putski said it was all about working with tough guys. He named guys like Superstar Billy Graham, Bruiser Brody, and Ivan Koloff as men who were legitimate tough guys.

When it comes to Billy Graham, Putski said that the two of them sold out WWE shows everywhere.

He also said that this was why Vince Sr. liked them so much because it "tickled" him to be making so much money from them.

Ivan Putski also said he loved his WWE tag team run with Tito Santana. Ivan said that it was like winning the Super Bowl when they won the tag team titles. He talked about being two Texas guys and he was fortunate to get to team with Santana in the WWE.