Jim Ross made his huge WWE return last Sunday night at "WrestleMania 33" and called the most important match on the card. Ross was on hand to call what appears to be the retirement match for The Undertaker, who took the loss to Roman Reigns. This week, Jim spoke to AV Club about his WWE return and told them that he is working between 30 to 40 dates in his first year back.

Jim Ross on his WWE return

It was not a surprise when Jim Ross walked out at "WrestleMania 33" as the news of his signing broke two days before the big event. According to Ross, he had been in talks with the WWE for a few weeks, even before his wife Jan tragically passed away following an accident in their home of Norman, Oklahoma.

Jim said that Jan was excited about coming to see him at "WrestleMania" as he called the last match of The Undertaker. However, Jan would not live to see that and now Ross is back with the WWE on a new two-year deal. This is great news for Jim, who is adjusting to life without his wife of 20-plus years and will be able to work with long-time friends in an industry he helped define. Of course, Ross has said in the past that he is no longer someone who wants to work a full-time schedule and this will not require him to call shows every week but instead to be a special attraction for events through the year. A perfect example is the Undertaker match, which Ross said was an honor to have Undertaker himself want him to announce the match.

The future of Jim Ross in the WWE

According to Jim Ross, the new two-year deal has him working between 30 to 40 dates in the first year alone. This does not mean he will be working 30 to 40 WWE events as a commentator. He said that he will work whatever the WWE asks him to do, whether it is something big like his "WrestleMania 33" appearance or something like an NXT show or something for the upcoming U.K.

WWE Network show. He also mentioned earlier that part of the deal might be to work on WWE Network specials or DVD packages for superstars. He did admit that he is no longer a number one commentator and those days are long gone. He also said he lost his wife and is trying to get back on his feet, so the WWE is giving him a wonderful opportunity here.

In a separate moment this last week, Ross told a fan that he was still going to work New Japan Pro Wrestling matches, even after the new WWE contract, and he said in the interview with AV Club that he is still working his one-man stand-up shows, which his next one will be in Chicago in May.