At Sunday night's WWE "Extreme Rules" pay-per-view the "Raw" women's division was featured in two different matches. A match that was set up over the past week saw the "205 Live" men teaming up with WWE women's stars in a mixed tag match. In the other match, the "Raw" Women's Champion continued to show her mean streak in a Kendo Stick on a Pole match. Here's the latest on how Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks stood tall after Sunday night's battles.

Banks & Swann dance

WWE "Raw" women's stars Alicia Fox and Sasha Banks were in action on the main card, to try to provide some extra publicity for WWE's "205 Live" Cruiserweight division.

Fox teamed with her man Noam Dar, while Banks teamed up with former Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann.

The match won't be awarded five stars by any wrestling rating experts but did what was needed to entertain the fans and display the Cruiserweights. In the end, Banks was able to take out Fox on the outside. She went for a big move off the corner. Dar tried to shield Alicia only to have Sasha hit him with double knees.

That takedown by Sasha Banks helped her partner Rich Swann. With the upper hand, he tossed Noam Dar back into the ring and finished him off with the 450 Splash off the corner for an impressive win.

The winning team celebrated just like they had on "Raw" last Monday by dancing it out in the ring. Later on, the duo appeared on the after show on WWE Network, with Sasha suggesting that maybe both could win their respective titles and be champions again at the same time.

Alexa dominates Bayley?

The Alexa Bliss vs. Bayley Kendo Stick on a Pole match may have been considering underwhelming by most fans' standards.

In the match, WWE "Raw" Women's Champion Alexa Bliss seemed to outsmart and outbattle Bayley, with Bliss getting way more shots in using the kendo stick than Bayley could. Even when Bayley had the stick and was threatening to use it, the heel champ tackled her to the mat before she could.

After multiple Kendo stick shots to the challenger, Alexa Bliss was able to hit a finishing move and score a winning pinfall.

The match seemed to move a lot quicker than fans were expecting, with the challenger Bayley looking weak and Bliss looking quite strong in the win.

Could this all lead to Nia Jax getting some title shots now, or will Bayley have "one more shot" at the champ? Nia will still be waiting in the wings after making sure Bliss would give her a future shot at the women's title on "Raw."