Russell Westbrook is the regular season MVP for 2017. Kevin Durant's departure only added fuel to Westbrook's fire, as he had the best season of his career regarding individual numbers. While his tenacity and aggressiveness was there, it was his leadership that elevated his game the most.

Kevin Durant and Serge Ibaka were no longer part of the Oklahoma City Thunder roster, but Westbrook was able to bring his teammates together and convince them to chase a spot in the playoffs. The Thunder were not the most talented team in the league this past season.

However, they managed to shock the NBA world as they ended up with the sixth-best record in the Western Conference. They overachieved, and Westbrook was the primary reason why they did so.

Westbrook makes history

Westbrook had a memorable NBA season. Westbrook was able to become the second player ever to average a triple-double and the first since Oscar Robertson. Westbrook established a record of 42 triple-doubles in a single season. Westbrook's achievement is also special because he achieved 47 wins with his team and ended up with the sixth seed in the Western Conference. The last time a player won this award without reaching at least 50 wins was Moses Malone in 1981.

Westbrook averaged 31.6 points (first in the league), 10.4 assists (third in the league) and 10.7 rebounds (10th in the league) per game.

This is especially remarkable for a six ft 3 in and 200-pound point guard. Oscar Robertson was six ft 5 in and weighed 220 pounds.

Westbrook is the MVP

The 2017 NBA awards show took place on Monday. The biggest victor was the new NBA MVP, Russell Westbrook. A total of 101 votes were cast by members of the media. Russell Westbrook received 69 of 101 first-place votes, James Harden 22, Kawhi Leonard 9, and LeBron James one.

Westbrook could barely contain his emotions during his acceptance speech. It was clear that the MVP trophy meant a lot to him. He had kind words for Oklahoma City, his teammates, and his family. Westbrook gave a special mention to his brother, whom he called his "role model."

Westbrook will never forget his 2016/2017 NBA season.

"I remember growing up just being home, playing the video games and stuff with my pops, and my mom sitting there and my brother and just talking about maybe one day I could be the MVP. Obviously, I was joking at the time," said Westbrook. Now, his dream has come true thanks to the work he has put in and the effort he plays with every NBA night.