International Tennis star Serena Williams is expecting a Baby Girl with her fiance 33-year-old Alexis Ohanian.

Venus Williams revealed the gender of her sister's baby by mistake

Previously Serena Williams said that she and her fiance Alexis Ohanian would like to keep the gender of the baby a surprise and would just call him/her "baby."

The news was accidentally revealed by the tennis star's sister Venus Williams while she was being interviewed after winning the second-round at the French Open.

The interviewer asked Venus what she would like to be called by Serena's baby, to which the 36-year-old replied: "She's going to call me 'favorite aunt.'" Venus Williams also went on to say that she and her half-sisters want the baby to be named after them "We're all like, baby V, baby Lyn, baby Isha, we all want the baby to be named after us."

Serena revealed her engagement on Reddit

Her sister Serena got engaged to Reddit's co-founder 33-year-old Alexis Ohanian last year in December, and the couple broke the news to the public after Serena posted a poem on her Reddit account.

The poem ended with the phrase "Down on one knee, he said four words... And I said yes." The couple has since posted a number of photos of themselves on their social media accounts.

Serena accidentally made her pregnancy public in April this year

Earlier this year in April Serena posted a photo of herself in a yellow swimsuit captioned "20 weeks" by accident which confirmed that she was pregnant with the couple's first baby. The tennis star later revealed that she had no intention of making their pregnancy news public however with just a click the news went viral.

The star further added that she has this habit of taking pictures every few days to see how far she got along and wanted to save the news of her pregnancy however unfortunately that did not happen.

Serena Williams, who was already pregnant when she won the Women's Singles Match at the Australian Open Championship earlier this year, was present to support her sister at the French Open match in which Venus revealed the gender of Serena and her fiance's baby. The International Sports icon and highest paid female athlete looked comfortable in a white vest top, and her growing bump was also quite visible.

Previously Serena also said that for now she and her fiance are not panicking as much since the couple still "have time" before their baby is finally born.