The #Mets were one of the most criticized teams in Major League Baseball when they signed tim tebow. However, before signing with the Mets Tebow had not played baseball since his junior year of high school in 2005 when The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim were scouting him.

Tim Tebow

The former Heisman Trophy winner in 2007 and BCS National Champion in 2006 and 2008 decided to put away the football for a baseball in 2016. Since then he has been enjoying every second of it. This current season in single-A with the Columbia Fireflies of the Southern Atlantic League Tim has been playing very well.

He has an average of .222 in 241 plate appearances through 63 games. He has also accumulated 23 RBI’s and 23 walks with an on-base percentage of .311. Now, he has received the promotion he has been working for to high-class single A baseball with the Port St. Lucie Mets of the Florida State League.

Major League is very far away

While many believe this could be Tebow showing his ability to possibly make the Majors one day. He may never see the big diamond ever as many scouts believe he is just too old at 29 and his skills just are not enough to keep up with the younger players with more developed skills.

Time will tell though if Tim can continue to play and keep up with the younger players he plays with and competes against. One thing Tebow can say he did in baseball was hit his first career home run at his first ever minor league at bat which is a feat on its own.

Tebow equals dollar signs

While Tebow may never make the Mets 40-man roster.

He does produce money and a lot of it for the Mets and the Columbia Fireflies. Since going to Columbia the Fireflies attendance has gone up 30% since Tebow’s arrival and it is estimated this is an additional $44,000 Columbia is making off of ticket revenue and merchandise. However, Columbia is not the only team reaping the rewards of Tebow away games the Fireflies go to the home team also see an increase in attendance which is great for the team and the sport of baseball.

With his promotion, the Port St. Lucie Mets will definitely an increase in attendance and gameday revenue.

Before baseball

Before Tim Tebow made his baseball debut he was pursuing a career in football where he was a much-decorated quarterback. Tebow originally played at the University of Florida where played from 2006 to 2009. He is also known for the “Tebow Rule” in the NCAA where players now cannot write any messages on their eye black paint since he was known for writing many biblical verses on his eye pain during his football days. He was originally drafted 25th overall in the first round by the Denver Broncos in the 2010 NFL draft. However, he did not last long being cut by the Broncos after the 2011 season.

Where he then signed with the New York Jets in 2012 and was cut again. After the Jets Tebow never made it to another NFL regular season game again being cut by the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles in the preseason of 2013 and 2015.