Tim Tebow playing baseball in a minor league has boosted the South Atlantic League (SAL) business since he began the 2017 season with the New York Mets' Columbia Fireflies. The former National Football League (NFL) quarterback delivered the team an increased fan attendance with an average of 5,100 fans per game at its home stadium, compared to last year's attendance with an average of 1,400 fans.

According to Baseball America, a sports magazine that covers baseball at each level, obtained by CNBC, the Fireflies' attendance at Spirit Communication Park in Columbia, South Carolina has risen by nearly 40 percent, while the team's road game attendance has leaped up to between 80 and 120 percent.

The magazine also cited that sales for Fireflies' road games in the SAL in April produced $44,200 per night, which is good business for the SAL. If the Fireflies keep him in the SAL season, which begins in September, the Fireflies' rivals are expecting an additional revenue of $3.1 million in Fireflies' road games. The data does not include revenue for Fireflies' home games.

The analysis shows clearly that Tim Tebow played a significant role in boosting ticket sales in the minor league.

Tim Tebow jerseys

The former Heisman Trophy winner has been represented as one of the most attention-drawing athletes in the world. According to a report, Tebow drew more than 4,300 fans when the Hickory Crawdads faced the Fireflies in the game.

More than 8,000 fans attended two of Lakewood BlueClaws' games against the Fireflies.

"There were a lot of people out there wearing Tim Tebow football jerseys," Lakewood BlueClaws' communications director Greg Giombarrese said. "There were Tebow jerseys from Florida, the Broncos, the Jets, the Eagles, and the Patriots."

After signing Tebow to a minor-league contract with the Mets last September, his jersey was listed as the third most popular seller on Fanatics behind the jerseys of baseball stars such as David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox and Kris Bryant of the Chicago Cubs.

Tebow's collegiate and professional sports jerseys have often been listed as the best-selling products on the website.

Tebow's endorsement with Adidas

Last August, German-based sportswear brand Adidas inked a multi-year endorsement deal with Tebow after making an announcement on the pursuit of his career interest in becoming a professional baseball player.

When he tried out in front of Major League Baseball (MLB) scouts, he sported Adidas shorts and cleats.

Despite the fact that Tebow was selected in the first round at 25th pick by the Denver Broncos in the 2010 NFL Draft, he was widely considered a marketing star. Nike previously signed him to an endorsement deal that would compensate him $300,000 a year.