Last year we saw many surprises in the draft including the 1st pick with the Twins picking Royce Lewis and Hunter Greene the so-called favorite to go first going second to the Reds. This year the Tigers hold the first pick on June 4th. The only question now is, who will the Tigers pick and where do they see their organization headed in the future?

Top prospect

To many scouts across the league, Brady Singer is the top prospect in this year’s draft in June. Singer is a right-handed pitcher coming in at 6’5” 180lb out of the University Of Florida. Pitched with two top 20 picks in last year’s draft (A.J.

Puk selected 6th overall and Alex Faedo selected 18th overall). This year all eyes will be on him at the University of Florida as their ace.

While scouts rate him around a little above average on his fastball and slider, many people believe he checks the boxes for a perfect pitching prospect in the MLB, being lengthy and showing time and time again his durability on the mound. He has heat, with his fastball out at around 95-96 mph. He also can command the ball well, even if he needs to work on his changeup. Singer fills most of the categories scouts are looking for. However, there is still one person could stand in his way of being the first overall pick.

Ethan Hankins

Ethan Hankins currently sits at the number 2 overall prospect for the 2018 draft.

However, if picked 1st overall, Hankins could make history by being the first ever RHP taken 1st overall out of high school. Hankins out of Cummings, Georgia is a 6’6’’ 200 lb. senior who should be the 1st overall pick in on June 4th.

He is committed to the Vanderbilt Commodores for the 2018-19 college season, though we will most likely not see him on the college field as he will be taken within the first three picks (if not the first).

Out of the whole 2018 draft class, Hankins is ranked with the best fastball of them all, sitting consistently around 92-96 mph sometimes reaching 98 mph.

Scouts praise him as he should fill out his 6’6” with time, however not only does his fastball speed impress but his control on both sides of the plate can be seen. If needed, his fastball alone could win him gains entirely, it is that good.

His changeup is his second-best pitch, followed by his curveball showing much improvement in summer ball. Hankins also has flashed a slider at points though still needing improvement in his breaking balls. Last year Hankins recorded 0.90 ERA, 77 strikeouts in 46 and 2/3rds innings earning county pitcher of the year. Obviously, Hankins would need time to develop in minor league ball; somewhere he shows amazing potential to any organization that takes him.

First pick

In June, the Detroit Tigers won the 1st overall pick followed by the San Francisco Giants with the 2nd pick.

Many would question why the Tigers would pick a pitcher with the 1st pick when they have five top pitchers currently in their minor league system. This is understandable, but when you have this kind of talent on a draft board you cannot pass it up and honestly, if the Tigers take Hankins- which they should - they can use the prospects they already have to trade to fill areas of need for them like infielders - specifically second base.

The Tigers most certainly have a dilemma with rebounding this year from the previous year finishing 64-98. With Miguel Cabrera and Jose Iglesias maturing past their prime, one can only wonder what the Tigers will look like in the future. This years draft will most certainly define how they look to the future.