Just when you thought things in New York couldn't get any worse, the news reported the trade speculation of Kristaps Porzingis. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports reported that Phil Jackson is weighing the possibility of trading their 21-year old stud.

Porzingis was the No. 4 overall pick in the 2015 draft. Last season, Porzingis averaged 16.1 points and 7.3 rebounds a game. Most Knick fans would consider Porzingis the face of the franchise over Carmelo Anthony, who is also subjected to trade rumors this offseason. Porzingis is frustrated with the direction of the Knicks which is why the Suns could emerge as a trade partner.

Suns should be calling Jackson today

The Suns could emerge as someone that could trade for Porzingis. The Suns were just mentioned as a third party team that would be a part of a Chicago Bulls-Cleveland Cavaliers trade that involves Jimmy Butler. The Suns would receive Kevin Love in that trade while giving up top point guard Eric Bledsoe. As mentioned before, Love would not make the Suns that much better. Plus, he is seven years older than Porzingis.

The Suns only have three agents and are likely to make a qualifying offer to center, Alex Len. The team would also have 20-year old Devin Booker. If the Suns can swing a trade, and give up the No. 4 overall pick and turn that into Porzingis, a proven 21-year old in the league, the Suns could have a bright young core going forward.

What would the Suns have to give up?

Jackson could get creative with the deal. There are two options that stick out. Option one is shipping Porzingis and receive the No. 4 overall pick, a 2018 first round pick, a 2019 second round pick, and a reserve NBA player. The Knicks don't have a second-round draft pick in this year's draft and the drafts from 2019-2021.

This would be a start to a complete rebuild, and the Knicks could receive another package if they dealt Anthony.

Option two would be shipping out Porzingis, but ask for the No. 4 overall pick and Eric Bledsoe. This would help the Knicks save some money by not paying Derrick Rose. Bledsoe also has two years remaining on his contract.

The Suns may not feel great about it, but with Porzingis age being so low and his potential so high, it might cost that much.

Overall synopsis: He stays

Why would the Knicks get rid of the star of the town, and perhaps their only building block? If Porzingis goes, but Anthony stays, there will be a complete uproar in the big apple. If Jackson is serious about a rebuild, he would make headlines by trading Anthony this offseason, and not one of their players with the most upside.