The Seattle Seahawks have mostly stayed out of the public eye when it comes to off-the-field notoriety under Pete Carroll but there is one player who seems to like to open his mouth to the detriment of his team. That player, cornerback Richard Sherman, allegedly asked for a trade when the 2016 NFL season came to an end and the Seahawks actually spoke to other teams leading into the NFL Draft.

Nothing ever happened when it came to the talks and Richard Sherman remains a strong member of the Seattle Seahawks. However, the reasons for Sherman’s discontent were allegedly his problems with quarterback Russell Wilson and it all stems from the Seahawks loss in the Super Bowl to the New England Patriots when Wilson threw an interception at the goal line.

In a recent interview with ESPN, Richard finally came clean about what this controversy is all about.

The Richard Sherman trade talks

Richard Sherman said that the idea that he could end up traded to another team is nothing new. He said that these talks happen every single year with the Seattle Seahawks. According to Sherman, every player is open and available to trade as Seattle is not content to just rest of what they have and always want to make moves to try to improve, either by adding fresh talent or by picking up some extra draft picks and clearing salary space.

Sherman said that this year was just different because the press found out that the Seattle Seahawks were talking to other teams about him.

Richard said that they made sure that he knew about the trade talks and then the press found out. He said he was open about it but he still denies that he asked for a trade or even that the Seahawks actually wanted to trade him. According to Sherman, it was just a conversation that happens every year.

The Seattle Seahawks had admitted that Richard Sherman was available for a trade and the reasoning was to free up salary cap space and get younger on defense.

However, the trade never happened and Pete Carroll said the chances are now almost nonexistent since the NFL Draft has ended. Sherman said it didn’t bother him because there are always possibilities the Seahawks will have to consider.

Russell Wilson controversy

The second area of concern that Richard Sherman spoke about was the controversy between him and quarterback Russell Wilson, something that both players have openly denied but has crept up due to unnamed Seattle Seahawks sources.

Sherman himself said that he has a “fantastic” relationship with Wilson and said they are like a family.

With that said, Sherman also said that family members fight for each other and he said that he and Wilson both fight for each other and appreciate what the other brings to the Seattle Seahawks. Richard said that he considers Wilson a great quarterback. Richard Sherman also said the Super Bowl loss is not something that hangs over the Seahawks anymore and it is time to move on.