Cristiano Ronaldo told his agent Jorge Mendes "to do everything possible" to allow him to return to Manchester United, according to a report by The Sun. The English giants are emerging as the favorites to land the talent of the Portuguese superstar, who announced his desire to leave Spain after being accused of tax evasion to the tune of $16.5 million. PSG could make a bid, but it seems like Ronaldo has his heart set on Manchester United. Jose Mourinho and Ronaldo would have to bury the hatchet and make amends. That said, however, how much would Manchester United be willing to offer to acquire the services of a 32-year-old player?

Ronaldo's moment to return home?

Cristiano Ronaldo left Manchester United as a superstar and might return as a legend. His move to Real Madrid proved to be the right choice. Real Madrid has been able to assemble a team that can play to his strengths. He has been the team's goalscorer and the player to look for in the box. The teammates have understood their roles during these last eight years.

Ronaldo's inability to leave a mark on the game in other ways other than scoring has hurt his team at times, especially in the Spanish league. The 2016/2017 season has not been Ronaldo's best season. His numbers in the domestic tournaments dropped considerably and his play seemed lethargic in many moments.

However, Ronaldo was able to show up in the last month of the season, and that played a crucial role in Real Madrid's ability to become Spanish and European champion.

How much should Man Utd offer for Ronaldo?

Should Manchester United bid on what Ronaldo was or what he will be? If they are willing to focus on Ronaldo's productivity to this day, then Real Madrid should expect a hefty offer.

He was acquired by the Spaniards for roughly $107 million, so it seems fair that Manchester United would offer an amount close enough to this number, probably a bit higher. On the other hand, if Manchester United decide to not overlook Ronaldo's age and diminished influence on his team's game, then it would not be shocking to see an offer that is lower than that price tag.

However, Manchester United's history with overpaying for players in these last years, namely Anthony Martial, around $70 million, and Paul Pogba, around $120 million, weakens the club's ability to prove it's a smart, hard negotiator.

Ronaldo could reunite with head coach Jose Mourinho and work together to accomplish what they failed to do in Real Madrid - win the UEFA Champions League. While their relationship did not end on the best terms, Mourinho would surely know how to maximize Ronaldo's talents once again. Adding another forward who can deliver passes to Ronaldo will also be crucial, for that is what has usually worked for him. Ronaldo could be back on the left wing of Old Trafford's picth, with Rashford or Mata on the other wing, and Pogba in the middle. What's behind these players is what Mourinho should truly focus on improving. Manchester United fans might finally have a reason to believe their team will return to soccer's elite.