Paul George hit the podium after the Indiana Pacers 106-102 loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday afternoon, who were led by performances from LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. He explained the disgruntlement he had about the way his season ended, he called the final game of the series "very frustrating" and continued on his 15-point night where he shot just 24% from the field, saying it was a "rough night". This was arguably the least successful game of the series for PG13, although his team still came very close to winning this game.

In the final seconds, PG had a chance to tie the game with a three pointer after a lackluster turnover from J.R. Smith, but didn't manage to sink it.

And Paul George continued to talk about the frustrations he is experiencing, not only due to his poor performance, but also because of the man and the team he lost to. He is very familiar with facing LeBron James in the playoffs, and hasn't had much luck against him.

Paul George talks about his playoff loss to King James

It's seems almost every year that Paul George is healthy and makes the playoffs only which to run into LeBron James. For the most part, he has been able to defeat other teams during the postseason, but whenever he meets up with the team run by the King, it's over.

Paul was asked about the frustration of always suffering the face of defeat at the hands of the man from Akron, he said:

"It's real frustrating... to continue on losing to the same person (LeBron James)" Paul added "ultimately this is who I'm gonna have to always see and face" when referring to the King.

Paul George has now lost to a LeBron James led team in the playoffs on four different occasions.

Those being in 2012 when LeBron led the Heat to a 4-2 victory over Indiana, 2013 where the Heat beat them in 7 games in the ECF, 2014 where the Heat won once again in the ECF, in 6 games and finally this year where the Cleveland Cavaliers swept the Pacers in four games. Paul must be sick and tired of being stopped by King James.

Is this Paul's last year in Indiana

There has been a lot of speculation about the possibility of Paul George leaving the Indiana Pacers in the offseason. And a huge reason for this possibility is LeBron James. Paul might look to a Western Conference team, or to join a more superstar-stacked Eastern Conference team, ultimately to try and defeat King James. As Dwyane Wade mentioned a few days ago, players in the East focus on trying to defeat LeBron James in the Eastern Conference.