The New York Knicks have been a dysfunctional organization for some time now. One would have thought that bringing in 11-time NBA champion phil jackson in the role of President of Basketball Operations would have had an immediate positive impact. One would have presumed that the Zen Master would have at least improved the atmosphere within the New York Knicks. However, this has been far from the truth.

Since taking control in 2014, the one good piece of news Jackson brought to the Knicks fans was the wise selection, against all odds, of Latvian 7-foot-3-inch big man Kristaps Porzingis in the 2016 NBA draft, and even that might end up badly.

Jackson has recently announced that he has answered trade calls about a Porzingis trade. The fact that Porzingis did not show up to the exit meeting at the end of the season has apparently forced Jackson to entertain trade offers.

Phil Jackson punishing Porzingis

Phil Jackson is clearly bitter with how Porzingis conducted himself. Porzingis showed his discontent with how front office was handling the Carmelo Anthony situation by declining to attend the customary exit meeting. Jackson, now, feels he needs to assert his authority within the organization, and one way in which he can do so is by telling the world that he can trade the player at any moment. Jackson has done just that.

Jackson, in an interview on MSG Network, said, "We're getting calls.

As much as we value Kristaps and what he's done for us, when a guy doesn't show up for an exit meeting, everybody starts speculating on the duration or movability from a club." He added that he has not been intrigued by any of the offers he has listened to so far. However, Jackson did inform the rest of the teams that the price tag was something close to a high draft pick and a couple of established starters.

Did Jackson go too far and show his hand? Now, any team interested in making an offer for Porzingis knows what the ceiling is, and that hurts Jackson's initial negotiating position.

The Knicks have already had talks with each of the teams positioned to select in the top-5 of the NBA Draft on Thursday night, according to ESPN's sources.

Jackson is clearly gauging the market. However, it is highly unlikely that any team would be able to match the value of The Unicorn. In addition, it looks like Jackson has premeditatedly orchestrated this campaign in order to let Porzingis know that no one is indispensable and keep him restrained. Other than that, Jackson understands the value of having a 7'3 player who can post up, shoot from the perimeter, block shots ... and the list goes on. Thus, Jackson will eventually clear the smoke and try to make amends with Porzingis.

Jackson not the problem

Phil Jackson has not and is not breaking the New York Knicks; the Knicks have been broken for some time. Owner James Dolan is quietly hiding behind Jackson, and he has a lot to do with the Knicks' state.

While Jackson does seem like he is jumping from one problem to another, he has no other option but to do his job by setting standards and looking at the future. The only reason why the Knicks are in a position to keep a player like Porzingis or acquire multiple assets in exchange for him is that Jackson had the eye to draft him in the first place.

Carmelo Anthony's value has dropped considerably, so it will continue to be difficult to deal his contract. Porzingis is the one reliable asset in the Knicks' possession and the one beam of hope moving forward, whether that means keeping him for the long-term or eventually trading him. The Zen Master has some work to do, yes, but the odds are not in his favor and have not been in the Knicks' favor for the last four decades.