The much-anticipated workout, and maybe the only one, of UCLA point guard Lonzo Ball for the Los Angeles Lakers took place on Wednesday. Lakers president of basketball operations Magic Johnson and head coach Luke Walton watched Lonzo go through the drills at the Lakers training facility and provided him with helpful tips. One noticeable absence was that of his infamous father LaVar Ball. Following the workout, Lonzo addressed the media and sent audacious messages that should fill Laker fans with hope.

Lonzo Ball works out for Lakers

Lonzo Ball answered around over 50 questions within eight minutes with the media.

Most of his answers were succinct and direct. Ball repeated on several occasions that he had fun working out for the Los Angeles Lakers. While he did not show any signs of being in awe of such an experience in the facilities of the 16-time champions, California-native Ball seemed aware of the accomplishments of the organization and would be happy staying home and seizing this unique opportunity.

Ball confident he is right for the Lakers

Lonzo Ball seemed convinced that he would be a good fit for the Lakers. "They need a leader. They need a point guard. I feel like I can fill that hole, " said Lonzo. The way in which Ball dismissed the work of current Lakers point guard D'Angelo Russell could shock some, but there is only truth in his words.

Russell, in his two years in the NBA so far, has exhibited promise but nothing close to the leadership the Lakers need right now. Russell has not been able to show he can dominate opponents nor make his teammates better by controlling the pace of the game and consistently making the right passes at the right time. Lonzo Ball apparently does have many of these qualities that fit in perfectly within Walton's system.

Lonzo Ball manifests the kind of confidence that is contagious and benefits the whole team. While it will be important for him to not become blinded by overconfidence, the leadership role he is already assuming is exactly what the Lakers need right now. "I think I am," said Lonzo when asked if he was the best player in the draft, and no one expected a different answer.

"I don't get nervous playing basketball," added Ball. His love for the game drives him and one can see that he is in fact at home when he is on a basketball court.

LaVar Ball not a problem

Regarding his father, Lonzo stated that the Lakers executives love LaVar Ball and that he is not and has never been a distraction for him. The media talk surrounding his controversial father will probably continue, but Lonzo Ball seems ready to make a name for himself on his own ... and with a Lakers uniform on.