Imagine, as a football fan, being able to sue your team's most bitter rival. That is the reality for die-hard Green Bay Packers fan Russel Beckman.

Denied Entry

Beckman, a high school teacher, told reporters he was denied entry to Soldier Field during a game in 2016 simply for wearing too much Packer gear. Beckman is such a dedicated Packers fan that he bought season tickets to the Chicago Bears games for the divisional games. Being a season ticket holder allows fans access to the field during warm-ups, a perk that he had no trouble taking full advantage of in prior years.

This past year though, Beckman was turned away from the Bears sideline experience after the team created a policy against rival fans being allowed to wear gear on the field. Beckman, decked out in green and yellow beads and a Packer jersey, was turned away. He felt this was a violation of his first amendment, especially after paying for the event.

Loves the rivalry, hates the policy

Despite the bitter rivalry between the two teams, Beckman takes no joy in having to sue the Bears, as he loves the rivalry and claims he has not missed a Packers-Bears game in several decades. " I love football and I'm a fan of the game," Beckman told the Journal Sentinel, "I warned the Bears and the NFL [that] if action wasn't taken, I'd do this."

Beckman even told the Journal Sentinel that he had tremendous respect for Bears fans due to their grit, and even has friends that are Bears fans, but feels this new policy makes the rivalry less meaningful.

"The excitement iis Bears and Packers fans together, representing their teams," Beckman said while talking to the Chicago Tribune, "I could have worn something nondescript but I'm there for the Packers-Bears game. I feel like the Bears are diminishing that."

Furthermore Beckman is sober at every game and is generally a well-behaved fan.

The Packers fan said that he does not want to be the center of attention, nor does he want to trash the reputation of the Chicago Bears. Beckman said he simply wants to enjoy the full game experience with his family.

"It is something I paid for," Beckman told the Chicago Tribune, " I am not on a noble crusade."

Beckman is taking the Bears to court over their policy and hopes that the case will be settled before the next Packers-Bears game, as he has not missed a chapter in the epic rivalry in decades. " I cannot remember the last one I missed," Beckman said to the Chicago Tribune.

The Chicago Bears have yet to comment on the matter.