Dak Prescott is coming off a successful rookie season with the Dallas Cowboys and expects to carry on his success in the coming 2017-18 NFL season. Still hung over, Prescott is confident he can do the same and is not concerned about the alleged “Sophomore Slump.”

The “sophomore slump” is a curse that has hounded any sport. In the NFL, it has hit popular names like Robert Griffin III and Sam Bradford. For Prescott, it is all about working hard and doing the same things he did last season for the Cowboys. Focus is key and the 23-year-old player from Mississippi State University could care less about what others have to say about him and his game.

Can Prescott put up the same numbers?

A look back to the 2016-17 NFL season shows Prescott putting up impressive numbers. That included completing 67.8-percent of his passes, throwing 23 touchdowns and owning a 104.9 passing rate. He won 13 games for the Cowboys though he did fall short in the crucial stage of last season. Either way, he did have a big rookie season and hopes to carry that over this year.

Prescott played a near-perfect season, the opportunity of which came when now-retired Tony Romo suffered an injury. Given the chance to start, Prescott defied critics despite being a rookie. Obviously, the future of the Cowboys, proving once again that he deserves to be among the best quarterbacks in the NFL could push him to another level.

Law of Averages may catch up

And while he smirks at the possibility of entering a season with some tough luck around him, there is the law of averages to consider. He could suffer a slump or may even be brought down due to injury. Prescott does not control everything before him, meaning he would need to use his wits as well to come up with another impressive performance for Dallas.

Aside from that, the Cowboys should be just fine with a slightly seasoned Prescott calling the plays once more. His efficiency may continue this season which bodes well for Dallas Cowboys followers. But any athlete (or person) will come to a point where a potential downturn may happen. It could be for one or two games but the reality of it all is that such does happen.

Prescott's confidence is a good sign, a mature take for someone who will only be entering only his second year in the pro football circuit. At any rate, success may continue for as long as lady luck continues to smile at Prescott and his teammates moving forward. If all goes well, the Cowboys may even make it all the way to the Super Bowl this 2017-18 NFL season.