The Nebraska football team has been getting quite a bit of good press after its Friday Night Lights camp. Until late last night, that good press had not translated into any new commits. That changed when the Huskers managed to land their first commit for the 2019 class in the form of in-state linebacker Garrett Nelson.

Nelson arrived on the scene as a target mostly last week, when the coaches got to see what he could do up close and personal. He received a scholarship offer about this time last week and there were some who were surprised he didn't commit right away.

It turns out it didn't take long for the young player to decide he wanted to become a Cornhusker after all.

Nebraska football officially beginning its 2019 building

It took a total of eight days for Garrett Nelson to go from a Husker target to a future Husker. The good news is that the Cornhuskers got in on the ground floor. The linebacker has been getting more attention over the last few weeks, precisely because of an impressive frame and talent. So far, Mike Riley's squad is the only division one school that has offered him a scholarship but it appears they won't be the last.

Nelson had received scholarship offers from South Dakota and South Dakota State and was getting more looks from schools all over the country.

The Nebraska football team is well aware that this might be a bit of a stretch but it's going to bring plenty of good will from some who haven't been happy at the number of in-state kids who have received scholarships. At the same time, it's a safe bet the coaching staff wouldn't be making this offer if they didn't believe Nelson was going to turn into a player capable of making a difference in the Big Ten.

Nebraska football team also got a preferred walk-on from in-state player

The weekend actually saw the Huskers grow their ranks by two. Nelson was the only scholarship offer that was committed on this weekend but the Huskers also gave out a preferred walk-on offer to another in-state player and he snapped up the opportunity. Lincoln Southwest star Garrett Holm turned a few heads of his own at the Friday Night Lights camp and convinced the Nebraska football coaching staff that he deserves a spot on the team.

The Nebraska football team has been picky when it comes to offering in-state kids. That means that Holm and Nelson truly are among the best of the best when it comes to players coming from the home base radius Riley talks so much about.