The Nebraska football team appears to be in uncharted waters when it comes to recruiting for its 2018 class. There haven’t been very many times in the last decade or so where the school was turning away talented players. It’s been even more rare when Nebraska turns its back on talented in-state players.

The time has come when Nebraska has indeed turned a bit of a corner in recruiting. We hear of places like Florida, USC and Texas not being able to take all the highly recruiting in-state talent but Nebraska tend to take all comers in that regard.

Bryson Williams recently told members of the local media that head coach Mike Riley recently informed him that the school would no longer be offering a scholarship.

Nebraska football could face a bit of a backlash

“They told me why they aren’t going to end up offering,” Williams said, though also saying he wasn’t going to go into detail. “So interest is gone from them.” The announcement comes as a bit of a surprise considering Williams is not only one of the most talented players in Nebraska but he’s the 49th best Defensive Tackle in the 2018 class.

The DT has 14 scholarship offers from schools like Iowa, Iowa State and Kansas State. It appears Nebraska was the school Williams was favoring, but Land of 10 says his focus will now turn to either Iowa State or Kansas State.

With the revelation that Nebraska is not going to be offering a scholarship to Williams, it’s a safe bet some fans of the program are going to have a problem. There are plenty of people who feel as though the program should be giving preferential treatment to in-state players.

Nebraska finds itself in special circumstances

It makes sense that Nebraska would need to tell Williams they need to move on.

The class isn’t that big to begin with and they’ve got themselves quite a few defensive tackles in the last couple of years. There has clearly been a plan when it comes to recruiting the 2018 class.

That plan has led to an awful lot of talent. It’s led Nebraska to have one of the best classes in the country. When a school hits those heights it’s going to have to turn away some who are interested in coming here.

The Nebraska football team has hit a level the fans have wanted to see for quite a few years. The big question now is whether the results on the field can equal what Nebraska has seen in the recruiting world.

Nebraska will now apparently turn its attention to some of the higher ranked recruits it’s still going after. At least one has said he might be willing to play football for the Huskers in the very near future.