While NBA trade rumors have started swirling around once again, it appears that the New York Knicks had plans for trading two of their stars Joakim Noah and Kristaps Porizingis. Reports state that the New York Knicks might be looking out to trade Porizingis and Noah at the same time, and they intend to send them together.

If that is the case, any team which requires Porizingis is more likely to get Noah along. Kristaps Porzingis signed a four-year deal with the Knicks for $72 million last offseason. The 21-year-old NBA star has managed to bring his best on the court, if the Knicks trade Porizingis at this moment, it will be a great opportunity to see himself in other potential situations.

However, the Knicks are believed to quote a price for their star.

Things are not going well for Joakim Noah

Looking at Noah's standpoint, his first year with the Knicks did not end very well. In fact, he averaged only 5.0 points per game while he was on the court. The two-time All-Star had his limitations due to a knee injury, and he has also received a suspension for a banned substance. During this period Noah missed nearly 20 games.

Noah was certainly upset about the suspension, he stated that he had made a mistake, and let a lot of people down. In an interview in March, Noah said that it was a tough year for him and this is the time to learn and bounce back. According to the Bleacher Report, the 32-year-old player received the worst defensive rating of his career.

Kristaps Porizingis is a valuable asset to the Knicks

As far as Porizingis could go he is recognized as a valuable asset to the Knicks. In fact, Porizingis is a great asset to the NBA itself. One main reason is that he has the advantage of being 21 years old. The young player could easily land on any team as he could fill up the stat sheets in many ways.

Trading Porizingis is not an easy decision for the New York Knicks as they need to consider all possible outcomes. First, they will need to find an equal or better replacement, and second, they will need to look into his contract. The President of the New York Knicks Phil Jackson is looking to take the team on a different course.

That could be possible only if a few changes are done with the Knicks, which might result is a trade.

It appears that the Phoenix Suns, the Boston Celtics, and other teams were not ready to assist Jackson's effort to rebuild the team before the NBA Draft. With that said, the New York Kicks might be still looking for options to trade Porizingis and Noah.