The Indiana Pacers did not close a deal on draft night, but the organization seems to have plans on landing a deal at some point with Paul George. Before the 2017 NBA Draft, various rumors were swirling around George and all possible trades for the Pacers. However, the Pacers remained silent until the General Manager revealed he could pull off a deal anytime.

Paul George was not traded on the Draft night as expected, but Kevin Pritchard stated that he has plans that are still in progress. In a recent interview, he said that multiple things developed as they looked into all the possibilities including the draft picks.

Perhaps, there was a strong reason for the Pacers not to trigger off any trade during this time.

Kevin Pritchard has better plans for the team

Based on Pritchard's interview, it is clear that he has got plans for the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers remained silent because they were considering possibilities for the future. According to SB Nations, the Pacers wanted candidates other than draft picks. Though it looks unlikely, Pritchard mentioned that the Indiana Pacers are looking to acquire all-star players in a trade.

At this moment the Indiana Pacers feel that they have enough on board and they are happy with their lot. With that said, it makes sense why the Pacers are waiting for the right moment, and the possible candidate that they are looking to trade is going to be Paul George.

Paul George is looking forward for the Los Angeles Lakers

George has one year left with the Indiana Pacers from his contract. The NBA star stated that he is not ready to re-sign with the Pacers in 2018. As we all know that George is looking forward for an opportunity with the Los Angeles Lakers, it still depends on the situation and also on the Lakers to take in George.

Lakers being George's hometown there is no doubt he is considering to land with them. The Pacers seemingly never anticipated that George has plans to move out from the team, Pritchard stated that if they knew the situation a few months earlier, they would have been more prepared. It is still not late as the Indiana Pacers still have time to get a good deal for George.

Instead of waiting out one year for George to leave on his own, they rather Strike A Deal which brings them a great value.

Pritchard said that he was unhappy with the situation and it came to him as a total gut punch. Still, he has better plans for the future and looks forward to building a winning team.