Jimmy Butler is one of the hottest names in the NBA trade rumor mill heading into the 2017 NBA draft. While several teams have indicated that they are interested in possibly dealing for Butler, the most intriguing may be the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Butler teaming with LeBron?

Could the Cleveland Cavaliers be the frontrunners in landing the current Chicago Bulls star? Talk about the rich, getting richer! ESPN is indicating that the Cavaliers are trying to engage the Chicago Bulls in multiteam trade scenarios that would enable the current Eastern Conference champions to acquire Butler, according to league sources.

It seems this offseason, the Cavaliers aren't playing around when it comes to trying to make sure they have a championship type team once again this fall.

This isn’t the first big name player the Cavs are rumored to be interested in this offseason. Earlier in the week, it was reported that Cleveland also has strong interest in inquiring Indiana's Paul George. If the Cavaliers picked up either George or Butler they would be an even stronger team than they already are. What if they somehow acquired both? That would be insane!

Love part of three-way trade?

If the Cavaliers were to make a play for Jimmy Butler, they would have to give up a star or two of their own in return.

So either Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving may be on there way out of town. Early speculation would point towards Love.

It is believed that the Cavaliers are hoping to bring in a third team by offering All-Star forward Kevin Love as part of the deal that could help the Cavs land Butler. Early reports from the Chicago Tribune indicate that the Phoenix Suns or Minnesota Timberwolves could be a potential third-team in such a scenario.

It may take a lot more than expected for the Bulls to part with Butler. While Butler pushing the Bulls for a trade is a factor in dealing him, the Bulls have a lot of leverage with Butler at the moment. Butler is locked up with the Bulls through the 2019 season, and in terms of huge contracts in this day and age, Butler is reasonably affordable for Chicago.

So could Butler be dealt to Cleveland anytime soon? Only if Chicago believes they are getting a great deal. Butler would be a nice addition for Cleveland on both sides of the ball, especially on defense. He also could add a new spirit to a team that looked very lackluster and disinterested too many times during the 2016-17 regular season.

Last season Butler averaged career bests in points (23.9) rebounds (6.2) and assists (5.5) per game.