NBA superstar Paul George has been with the Indiana Pacers for a long time, he has played his best and contributed to the team during his contract. Now that his free agency is approaching in 2018 George is reportedly looking to explore other options. The Indiana Pacers might just lose their all-star forward next summer.

Recent reports stated that Paul George has no long term plans to remain with the Indiana Pacers, the player feels that he has been with the team long enough. George has always had the Los Angles Lakers as his preferred destination.

He probably feels he will be in the right place only if he were with the Lakers.

Are the Cleveland Cavaliers looking to acquire George?

While George might have other thoughts of going to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Indiana Pacers appear to have other plans. The Cleveland Cavaliers, it turns out, is looking to grab to an opportunity to gain the four-time NBA all-star. The Cavs have shown a significant interest in George for a long time. Perhaps, they were just waiting for the right time.

If the Indiana Pacers wait till next summer for George's free agency, they will most likely lose him for nothing. But if the manage to Strike A Deal with the Cavaliers much before, the Paces would have a good chance to acquire a replacement.

On the other hand, Zach Lowe is trying to look for a deal before the trade deadline next season. According to CBS Sports, the Cavs have no attention about George's interest in the Lakers. They seem to be ready to enter trade talks with the Pacers. The team also believes that once George is acquired he would remain with the Cavs because of their overall culture.

Indiana Pacers to be interested in Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving?

As for the Pacers, they have chances to obtain either Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving. Since LeBron James is not an option for the Cavaliers, Kevin Lowe and Kyrie Irving have a great chance to sway a trade and land George with the Cavs.

The team has the potential to offer a star player in return for Paul George, but it also depends on what the Pacers demand.

Love and Irving are still under the contract with the Cavs until at least 2019. Looking from the Lakers standpoint, Magic Johnson might not want to give up strong assets for Paul George.

The Lakers would surely be able to use a potential player like George, and with George's interest in playing with the Lakers, he is more likely to give his best efforts. While trade rumors are swirling around the Indiana Pacers and Cleveland Cavaliers, the Boston Celtics have traded their first pick to the Philadelphia 76ers for the 2017 NBA Draft.