The latest NBA rumors suggest that when NBA free agency hits, one of the Golden State Warriors' key players could be on the move. During the offseason, Golden State will be trying to get one star signed to a max contract extension: Kevin Durant. That means, a few of their other reserve players (one of which was an NBA Finals MVP) could end up signing elsewhere in the league. Here's the latest on Andre Iguodala possibly signing with a new team, as three squads are mentioned in rumors to have an interest in him.

Iguodala & Livingston gone?

Both Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston could be off the roster as of this coming NBA offseason.

The Warriors will renounce rights to both players, according to the rumors, in order to offer Durant more money. That makes plenty of sense, as Durant has shown himself to be one of the top superstars in the NBA right now, probably only behind LeBron James. A championship win for Durant and the Warriors will all but seal the deal that they keep him, but even a loss will probably mean the Warriors try to keep Durant there.

The Warriors will be looking to not only give Durant a max contract this summer but also Stephen Curry. These two stars have three NBA MVP awards between them and are the top stars of the team. Curry's contract could be as high as $205 million over five years, while Durant may opt out of his contract to sign for as much as $35.4 million per year.

Teams in need?

So who might go for Iguodala? The three teams that Sportsrageous is saying are interested in signing Iguodala are the Atlanta Hawks, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Phoenix Suns. Of those teams, Atlanta was a playoff contender, while Minnesota is clearly a team inching closer to that level. The Suns are mostly in rebuild mode with their various young talents.

As mentioned, Iguodala (and Livingston) would bring veteran experience and leadership to any of the teams mentioned. For the Hawks, they'd become key members of their bench rosters, or may even start. Atlanta may want Iguodala in the East to help them try to shut down LeBron James. For a team like Phoenix or Minnesota, it's more about adding veterans to help groom the younger stars.

Of course, there's another possibility. Kevin Durant may decide to take less money in order to keep the championship contender team in place. This move has been seen before with plenty of pro sports teams, but will Durant go for it?

Stay tuned as NBA free agency rumors are likely to keep heating up over the course of this month, especially with teams looking to make deals ahead of and during the NBA Draft.