After reviewing the first ten picks of the draft, here are the teams that have made a better decision from the picks No.11 to No.20. The Charlotte Hornets had the No.11 pick and they made the best choice they could possibly make.

Malik Monk could become a franchise player

Maybe not tommorow, maybe not in the next two years and maybe not in Charlotte, but Malik Monk has a potential to lead the franchise. However, we could expect him to be just a back-up point guard to Kemba Walker in the rookie season. Monk is a great scorer and one of the best athletes in the draft, so Michael Jordan should be very satisfied with this pick.

The Detroit Pistons selected Luke Kennard as a 12th pick. This is a typical selection for the Pistons. Kennard is a very smart player and a terrific shooter, who should fit perfectly in this Detroit team.

The Denver Nuggets traded the No.13 pick to the Utah Jazz, who picked a two-way guard Donovan Mitchell from the Louisville. Mitchell has a great athleticism and should fit nicely into the Utah's defensive game.

With the 14th pick, the Miami Heat selected Edrice Adebayo from the University of Kentucky. This selection was a big surprise, especially because Adebayo is a center. Miami definitely needs a center, but Justin Patton would be a smarter selection.

Justin Jackson is traded to Sacramento Kings

Justin Jackson was selected by the Portland Trailblazers as a 15th pick, but was immediately traded to the Sacramento Kings. He is a perfect mid-range shooter, but that quality is not so valuable in the NBA at the moment. Could be a bust.

Justin Patton, one of the best centers in the draft, went to Minnesota after the Chicago Bulls traded him to the Timberwolves.

This is a nice move by the Timberwolves.

D.J. Wilson was selected as a 17th pick by the Milwaukee Bucks. Wilson has a great potential to become a "3&D" player, as he can really shoot the ball from the perimeter and he can play an important defensive role.

The Indiana Pacers selected T.J. Leaf, a good shooter from the UCLA. Perhaps Leaf wasn't the best choice for the Pacers, but they do need a good shooter.

This is an interesting selection, that could go either way.

With the 19th pick, the Atlanta Hawks selected a power forward John Collins. This might be the most interesting pick of the draft. Collins is a great offensive player, but not great jump shooter. Some call this pick a steal, while the others think it's a bust.

The Portland Trailblazers traded their 20th pick to the Kings, who selected a power-forward Harry Giles. Giles is a risky pick, because of his injury issues, but could become a great player if he stays healthy.