The Buffalo Bills haven't made the playoffs in 17 years, but that hasn't stopped the best fanbase in the NFL from supporting their favorite team. In fact, Buffalo hasn't even come close to the Super Bowl since the years of Jim Kelly. But the Bills Mafia never gives up on its team and is well known for pulling some of the craziest stunts during the NFL season. Now Barstool Sports has decided to make a feature film about all the craziness.

Barstool's Film: Details.

On June 20th, Barstool will premiere a film about the Bills Mafia. On Facebook, they teased the video which can be viewed below.

Bills fans know how crazy we are, but now the rest of the NFL fans will see just how much Buffalo's fans go all out to support their team. Do I even need to remind you that the Bills haven't made the playoffs in 17 years? Despite all of that, the Buffalo Bills fans tailgate, party, and celebrate together as one family. And that's what Barstool will likely try to capture with this film.

Bills Future.

Last year, Bills fans were hoping that Tyrod Taylor and LeSean McCoy would finally lead Buffalo to a playoff appearance. Instead, the lackluster defense of Rex Ryan came up short and Buffalo was left out of the playoffs again. The fans did their part to make Bills home games extremely loud and give the players one of the best home field advantages in the game.

It still wasn't enough.

Now the Bills have lost some of their players in free agency, but the core unit from last season remains together. This time, Buffalo will be led by new head coach Sean McDermott, who plans to take the opposite approach of Rex Ryan. The former Panthers defensive coordinator won't be satisfied if the defense plays similar to last year.

He'll be the one who tries to give the Bills their first playoff appearance in 17 years.

Bills Fans.

As a fan, I can only do what I can to support the team. Watch and go to the games, cheer when I am there, and hope that the players manage to get back to the playoffs. But even if they don't, I'm glad to be part of the Bills Mafia family, which is truly a "family," unlike many other fanbases in the NFL.

Buffalo might do some crazy things at tailgate parties and get a little wild in the cold weather, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

And when the Bills finally do make the playoffs one day, it will be sweet to celebrate that accomplishment with the Bills Mafia family. For now, I cannot wait to see what Barstool has in store for their feature film.