LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers are in a tough spot right now. After storming their way through the Eastern conference playoffs with a superb 12-1 record, the Cavaliers are facing a much bigger obstacle in the NBA finals - the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors have proven to be a force like no other this season, as they are yet to be defeated in this year's playoffs. Right now, Golden State holds a comanding 2-0 lead in the NBA finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers, and LeBron James is aware of the task that's ahead of his team.

The series heads back to Cleveland, as Game 3 is scheduled to be played on Wednesday night at Quicken Loans Arena and maybe home crowd can help the Cavaliers turn this series around.

So far, they've had little success of stopping the Warriors as Kevin Durant and Steph Curry have had their way against the Cavs' defense.

"At the end of the day, it's still just basketball."

As the Cavaliers await for Game 3 to start on Wednesday night, LeBron James spoke to the media prior to the game and talked about his team being down 2-0 in this series.

"You hate to continue to put yourself in these positions (being down 2-0), but at the end of the day, it's still just basketball," said James. "It's just a game, you know. I prepare myself, I'm going to go out and do my job and live with the results."

James also added that the Cavaliers will not slow down their pace, and they will continue to play "their game".

Obviously, LeBron knows what it takes to come back from a 2-0 deficit, as he did so in last year's Finals. The Cavaliers were down 2-0 and 3-1 last year against the Warriors in the Finals, and ended up winning the title in Game 7 on the road.

There's a lot of pressure on LeBron this year also, especially now as he faces another possible Finals loss.

Throughout his career, James is known to be at his best when his back is against the wall. LeBron has won Game 3 four of five times when trailing in a playoff series 2-0 during his career.

James needs his teammates to step up

So far in this year's Finals, LeBron has been playing up to his standards. Throughout the first two games of the series, he's averaging a triple-double of 28.5 points, 13.0 rebounds and 11.0 assists per game.

All season long he's been playing great basketball, and now at the biggest stage of the NBA, he needs his teammates to step up. Being at home will surely help as most role players tend to play better at home.

Game 3 tips off on Wednesday night at Quicken Loans Arena, and we expect the Cavaliers to play better than they did in the first two games. They don't wan't to go down 3-0 against this amazing Warriors team, and having LeBron James on their team will definitely help. One thing is for sure, LeBron James won't go down without a fight.