The offseason just got much more interesting for the Cleveland Cavaliers as they let David Griffin, their general manager go. Griffin spent seven years with the Cavaliers as he started as a vice president of basketball operations. In 2014, Griffin was named team's general manager and he spent three years at that position. However, his contract expired this year and the Cavaliers refused to extend it.

According to multiple reports, LeBron James wanted Griffin to remain a general manager. However, the Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert did not consult with James before making this decision, and it affected the small forward.

While he is just a player and has no control over the team, James is the best player in the league and his impact on the team is tremendous, so it will be interesting to see how this will play out.

LeBron wanted David Griffin as a GM

It is well known that LeBron James supports David Griffin and he wanted him to keep his position with the team. However, Griffin will most likely look for a job somewhere else and the Orlando Magic have already expressed their interest in him.

"It makes no sense why he shouldn't get an extension," James told ESPN in April this year. "He's pulled every move -- he's tried to make every move happen -- to better this team to be able to compete for a championship. So we wouldn't be in this position, obviously, without him and without the guys that are here -- from the coaching staff to the players to Griff.

He's been a big piece of it." The Cavaliers superstar made it clear that he wants Griffin to stay in Cleveland, but Dan Gilbert had a different plan.

James' reaction on Twitter

According to multiple reports, LeBron James is disappointed and concerned about the team after they let David Griffin go. A few hours after the Cavaliers officially announced this decision, James used Twitter to express his gratitude for what Griffin did for the team.

While James is genuinely grateful for Griffin's service, it also seems that he used his tweet to express his dissatisfaction and disappointment with the team.

The first few words of the tweet seem like a shot at Dan Gilbert and his decision to let Griffin go.

Considering how important LeBron James is to the Cavaliers, doing something against his will is not a smart move. At the end of the day, he is just a player, but he definitely had a point when he said that Griffin's contract should be extended. While it doesn't seem like a big thing, this could be something that could make LeBron leave the Cavaliers next year. There have been reports of him going to the Los Angeles Clippers or the Lakers, and it might happen if James decides to leave Cleveland.

Right now, it is too late for that and it seems that Griffin will be replaced by Chauncey Billups.