Everyone knew going into the off-season that teams are going to be looking to get stronger as the Warriors showed off their dominance in the NBA finals and destroying the Cavaliers. NBA season start off frantically with Lakers trading away Russel and Sixers moving in to get that number one pick to get Fultz potentially. Let's try to break down transactions and rumors swirling around the NBA at the moment.

Lakers looking to give the keys to Lonzo Ball

We all know that the most promising player in the Lakers was D'Angelo Russel, he was a scorer, great passer and always performs in the clutch, getting the nickname "Ice in his veins." Although everyone saw just how good Russel would be given the right time and health in the NBA.

But recently Russel along with Mozgov was traded to the Brooklyn Nets for Brook Lopez and the Number 27th pick in the draft. This moves potentially sets the Lakers to draft Lonzo Ball and clear cap space by getting rid of the big salary of Lopez. With Clarkson, Lopez, Randle, and potentially Ball? The Lakers are certainly going in the right decision.

Sixers gets number one pick and has eyes on Fultz

This will mark the Sixers second straight first overall pick in the NBA draft after selecting Ben Simmons last year. Celtics seemed to have passed on in drafting Fultz mainly because they already have Isiah Thomas, even with the Number 3 pick they were looking to draft Jackson, which seems likely that it will still be available once they pick at number 3.

Sixers want Fultz, Lakers want Ball and Celtics want Jackson. Sixers are going to have young and a talented roster with Celtics trying to bridge the talent gap with the Cavaliers.

Butler have talks with LeBron and Irving

Numerous Cleveland sources say that Cavaliers players including superstar LeBron James and Uncle Drew Kyrie Irving have contacted 3-time all-star Jimmy Butler, and seems that Jimmy wants to go to Cleveland and is pressuring Bulls front office to get the trade done.

Despite always being vocal about staying with the Bulls and winning a championship there, it looks like Butler wants a scenery to change, but in order for the trade to get done Cavs seems to be willing to move Love and Smith and looking for a 3rd party team to make the deal much better for the Bulls. This move likely makes the Cavs faster and more athletic by adding in Butler to their full packed team in the hopes of getting a 4th duel with Warriors in the NBA finals.

Durant going to the Warriors seems to really have placed a challenge to all NBA teams to get better after going 16-1 in the NBA playoffs. Right off the bat Magic Johnson makes a big move for the Lakers and Sixers and Celtics tries to be better and overcoming the eastern behemoth in the Cleveland Cavaliers. But the Cavs are looking even to get better, seems like the off-season is pretty hectic and full of surprises and the draft has not even started yet.