The Sacramento Kings have reportedly considered the idea of trading both their no.5 and no.10 picks for a chance to select Kentucky’s De’Aaron Fox. NBA Draft expert Chad Ford of ESPN reported that the Kings front office has become infatuated with Fox’s combination of athleticism and speed to the point that they are willing to throw in their lottery picks in order to move up on the draft board.

Trading up for Fox

Even before his draft stock shots up over the past few weeks, Fox had already expressed his interest in playing for the Kings who are direly in need of a playmaker next to shooting guard Buddy Hield.

Fox, who averaged 16.7 points and 4.0 assists in his one-and-done season at Kentucky, has been gaining steam lately and it won’t be shocking at all if one of the top-three teams in the draft takes a gamble on him.

With Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball projected to go to the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers respectively, all eyes will be on the Philadelphia 76ers and their draft selection at no.3. The Sixers have also shown interest in Fox, but it is Kentucky’s knockdown shooter Malik Monk who tops their list of prospects. The problem is the third pick seems too high for Monk, who is projected to be a late lottery to the mid first-round pick.

While there are no reports indicating any interest from the Sixers to engage in a trade with the Kings days leading up to the June 22 draft, Sacramento’s situation presents an intriguing opportunity for both Jerry and Bryan Colangelo to maximize the value of their no.3 pick.

They can simply trade their lottery pick in exchange for the Kings no.5 and no.10 pick and take their top prospect Monk at no.10. They can flip their no.5 pick into future assets or use it to acquire an established veteran.

Striking Gold in the Valley of the Suns

The Suns are another team that could capitalize on the Kings’ desire to take Fox.

They currently have the fourth pick in the draft, and sources close to the situation are reporting that they are interested in Duke’s Jason Tatum, who is a top-5 prospect in his class. Sporting News writer Joe Rodger thinks a trade between the Kings and the Suns is more likely to happen than a deal with the Sixers, who also have their eyes on Kansas' Josh Jackson.

“Fox has rocketed up draft boards and if he isn't taken by the 76ers, then the Suns are likely to draft him at No. 4. The Kings, seeing no way Fox will drop to No. 5, would likely trade with Philadelphia to guarantee Fox is a King, Rodger wrote.