Kevin Durant is not looking to transfer to other NBA teams as reports claimed that he plans to stay with the Golden State Warriors despite a contract that will pay him less than usual.

Durant has a player option for the 2017-2018 NBA season and he will reportedly decline using that. He will re-sign with the Golden State Warriors for another year at a lesser cost. The latest contract with GSW was similar to what he signed last year, a one-plus-one deal, which means he has a player option once again. He played for the Oklahoma City Thunder before he joined Golden State.

Durant chooses to stay with GSW to retain Andre Iguodala

Reports surfaced recently that Andre Iguodala was considering leaving GSW through free agency. Durant reportedly chose to re-sign with the Warriors because this would help the team entice Iguodala stay with them.

Durant was supposedly eligible for a $28 million paycheck because he is a 10-year veteran in the NBA. He will now be taking a salary worth four million less. The decision of Durant to re-sign with GSW also helped the team in terms of capping as they do not have to create cap space due to the less than maximum pay of one of the best players in the NBA

Stephen Curry, on the other hand, will sign with the Golden State Warriors for a max deal.

He will reportedly get more than $200 million for five years once he re-signs with GSW for the next season. The point guard will be signing the new Designated Player Veteran Contracts.

Experts on KD’s decision to stay with GSW

Many believe that aside from the fact Durant wants to help GSW retain Iguodala, he also reportedly wants to win more championships and he could do just that with the current team he is in now.

The four core players that helped GSW win the 2017 NBA finals are Curry, Durant, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. It appears all of them will still play on the Warriors next season and Durant is banking on that for another championship.

Durant averaged 25.1 points, 8.3 rebounds and 4.8 assists last year during his first season with the GSW.

Kevin Durant gets commented by high school coach

On a lighter note, the former coach of Durant back in high school, Stu Vetter, said in a statement that he felt Durant has now taken the torch from LeBron James. Vetter also said that he cannot say whether Durant will stay for more seasons with the Warriors but he can assure fans that the NBA player is happy with the team he is on right now.