The Nebraska football team continues to roll right along when it comes to making the top lists of some of the top recruits in the 2018 class. Yet another one of the Huskers top targets has announced their "top schools" and the Cornhuskers have officially made the list. Now the real waiting game begins to see just how long it will be before the list gets narrowed further and the prospect, one of the best corner backs in the country decides to take an official visit to Lincoln.

Isaac Taylor-Stuart has long been on Nebraska's wishlist as the school attempts to revamp its defense.

Talent on that side of the ball has long been lacking compared to schools like Michigan and Ohio State. Landing the San Diego, California player would be a coup. Landing in his top eight schools, announced on Twitter is something the Husker coaching staff will settle for, in the short term.

Nebraska makes the cut

Taylor-Stuart took to Twitter on Thursday evening to lay out the teams he's looking at strongly at this point. In the announcement, he seems to understand the list is longer than most at this point in the recruiting process. The corner back said, "please nobody ask me why I have these teams and not a top 5. I am taking my time and enjoying the recruiting process." Nebraska is one school likely aplauding the decision to take things slower and make sure that when Taylor-Stuart does announce a commitment, he's sure of his choice.

Nebraska recently got burned by a commit from a wide receiver commit, who appears to have committed too early. Cameron Brown announced a few days ago he was going to be opening his recruiting back up.

While the Huskers are still in the mix, it appears Ohio State might be the team to beat in that particular race these days. On the other side of that, Joshua Moore is going to be announcing his commitment this Sunday. The announcement comes as he has waded through ever growing interest in his services.

Long road to hoe for Nebraska

Alongside Nebraska, the schools that Taylor-Stuart picked are among the best of the best in the nation. LSU, South Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon, Michigan, Florida State and Washington all made the cut. The one thing we can take from his list, is that remaining on the West Coast isn't first and foremost in the factors when it comes to making the pick.

While there are two Pac 12 schools, there are also two Big Ten, two SEC, one ACC and one Big 12 school in the mix. Now Nebraska will have to wait and see what Isaac Taylor-Stuart's next move is going to be.