The Golden State Warriors adviser "Jerry West" is all set to take up a similar position with the Los Angeles Clippers. West has been an executive and a player and a recognized figure in the NBA. It turns out that he will be leaving his role and be on his way to the Clippers after being with the Warriors since 2011.

Despite the fact that he has not yet signed his contract with the Clippers, West knew that his last game with the Warriors was when they took on the Cavs in the NBA Finals. In three years the Golden State Warriors managed to win their second NBA title.

According to West, it was the saddest night of his life when the Warriors marched on with the victory.

Reason behind West leaving the Golden State Warriors

West has a huge amount of respect for the team, he has worked with many players all these years, and he is certainly going to miss the organization. In an interview with ESPN, West stated that he did not know the reason what he was leaving too. The 79-year-old veteran made a statement by saying "sometimes you need to be challenged." That might be the reason for his departure from the Warriors as he feels that he has been defiant his whole life.

Probably this is the chance for him to use the maximum of his potential with the Clippers. Not that West was not active with the Warriors, he just likes to accept and take on new challenges.

Since that's the end of his career with the Warriors, the adviser will be working with the Clippers as soon as we know it.

The Clippers are also interested in working with West

Apparently, the Clippers are also looking forward to West's arrival. Reports state that West will play an important role with the Los Angeles Clippers in retaining their free agents.

Previously with the Warriors, West was well known for his advice to the team considering either to trade Klay Thompson for Kevin Love. He has made important decisions with the Warriors especially in trades.

West is looking up to working with Steve Ballmer, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. He has also worked with the Los Angeles Lakers and the owner of Memphis Michael Heisley.

West praised Ballmer, furthermore, he stated that Ballmer is a winner he is a person who wants to win and hopefully he could help out in some aspects of making decisions.

As for the Warriors, they are going to miss Jerry West as their adviser and West is going to miss working with his friends as well. While West has made his move with the Clippers, the NBA draft date is approaching soon on June 22.